Polish Team Championship 2019

Hello everyone!

Here we go! This weekend 9-10-Feb-2019 The Team Tournament of the Cities (as we used to call it) will take place in Pruszk贸w, close to Warsaw. 20 teams of 3 players will participate in this exciting event with traditions reaching up to 2008 when the first edition took place.

We will record a special episode of Moment of Clarity Podcast dedicated to the statistics and the lists that players decided to bring to the tournament. Stay tuned!

Please find the lists published here (this is a direct link to a pdf file).

We cannot wait to be there. The variety of warcasters and factions has trully surprised 馃槈 To all Polish players – see you soon in Pruszk贸w!

Expect lots of battle reports!

Moment of Clarity members that will be there:

Polish Team Championship 2014 in Zielona G贸ra

May the odds be ever in your favour!
Moment of Clarity


    1. Hi Daniel!
      Well, the winner does not get included automatically to any of our teams, because we decided to have regional teams this year. It would be definitely a plus though 馃槈 the day before the tournament (tomorrow) we have a special whole day training for qualification purposes. We’ll do 2 rounds 5v5 with 20 players attending 馃槈

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