Caine1 vs. Sorscha1 – Local summer tournament – Round 1

Hello everyone!

We have finally decided to organize a tournament after a half year long hiatus caused by You-Know-What. Due to hot weather (30°C+) and lazy summer atmosphere we agreed to play 40 points list instead of full 75. This way we could play more relaxed games (after such a long break) and finish much earlier.

I decided to bring casters I never used on a tournament (at least in last 10 years) to discover new dimensions of Warmachine and enjoy those games even more. I asked on FB Cygnar group what should I bring, and chose the ideas I liked the most. For my pair I picked Nemo1 in Storm Division as a melee oriented option and Caine1 in Sons of the Tempest as some sort of a tricky gunline accompanied by Stormwall – a beautiful model I haven’t used in ages.

In the first round of 10 players tournament I was to play versus Andrzej and his Khador. Andrzej picked Sorscha1, I took Caine1.

Andrzej’s Sorscha1 list:

[Theme] Wolves of Winter

[Sorscha 1] Kommander Sorscha [+29]
– Beast 09 [18]
– Berserker [8]
– Berserker [8]
– Greylord Adjunct [4]
Greylord Forge Seer [4]
Koldun Lord [4]
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen [10]
Doom Reaver Swordsmen [10]
– Greylord Escort [3]
Greylord Ternion [0(7)]

My Caine1 list:

[Theme] Sons of the Tempest

[Caine 1] Lieutenant Allister Caine [+30]
– Stormwall [36]
– Squire [0(5)]
Black 13th Strike Force [10]
– Morrowan Battle Priest (3) [6]
Tempest Blazers (max) [18]

As you can see it’s not a complex list 😛 it’s not an overpowered list either, I just threw in models I didn’t use for long time and had just a general idea what to do with it, that’s it.

We played Bunkers.


I lost the roll and Andrzej decided to pick a side.

I deployed Stormwall centrally, B13 on the left side, cavalry on both sides of my colossal, so I could reposition them to the other side of the table if required. Caine1 (proxied with a better looking, painted Caine0 😉 ) stood together with an alternative Squire model right next to the big guy.

Andrzej deployed his battle group centrally, Risen on the left, Doom Reavers in the center and Greylords on the right.

My idea for the game was pretty simple – do not get assassinated – what might not be as easy as it sounds when facing Sorscha1. I wanted to play very wide in order not to give my opponent a big feat turn. Additionally, I wanted to exploit Thunder Strike – Caine’s best (and only) offensive spell. Btw, for all those who never played the least played (I believe) of Caines – here you can check his spell list. What’s more, the theme force allows me to upkeep spells on gun mages models for free and I wanted to use that to cycle Snipe, because why not?


Round 1 Turn 1

I started with Caine1 and put Blur on B13 and Snipe on Blazers. Stormwall ran forward, Blazers ran wide toward the right flank. B13 ran toward the cloud on the left.

Round 1 Turn 1

Round 1 Turn 2

Doom Reavers spread across the center of the board, taking advantage of terrain to hide themselves from my guns (at least to some extent). Greylords ran into the forest on the right. Warjacks slowly ran forward and took position on the edge of the rectangular zone. Alexia created a Thrall who ran forward toward B13. Sorscha cast Fog of War and moved forward.

Round 1 Turn 2

Round 2 Turn 1

I wanted to wipe out infantry in front of me and soften Beast 09 a little bit, at leas that was the plan. Squire advanced forward a couple of inches. Caine stepped in and cast Thunder Strike. I boosted the hit roll and obviously missed, but fortunately I remembered to move Squire first and with the reroll I managed to slam the ‘jack against the objective. Then, Caine released maelstorm of bullets, shot at everything he had in range and teleported away, back to safety. Stormwall now could move within contesting range of the middle flag (as Beast 09 was slammed away) and opened fire with his big guns, crippling Beast’s both arms. Tempest Blazers moved forward, on finished 2 last Greylords, the rest used Brutal damage and dealt a couple of more boxes to the heavy ‘jack, crippling Beast’s Cortex. Black 13th didn’t have any good targets within their range, so they killed a Thrall.

Round 2 Turn 1

Round 2 Turn 2

Andrzej decided to push on the left flank, where his army had significant advantage. Berserkers ran forward. Alexia created another Thrall. Koldun cast Puppet Master on the warcaster. Sorscha then moved forward and used Wind Rush to get closer to B13. She cast Tempest and tried to hit them. The deviation killed Ryan [*] (only later we realized they had Blur on them). Sadly, spending all focus she had and staying out in the open left her exposed. I scored 1 point in my rectangular zone.

Round 2 Turn 2

Round 3 Turn 1

I didn’t have anything better to do than going for the assassination myself. I was too afraid of misspositioning my warcaster to let such an opportunity pass me by. First, Caine got Eyeless Sight from my objective. Then, I got rid of a Doom Reaver protecting Sorscha from the front. Later, Morrowan Battle Pries ran to engage Sorscha and stood less than 0,5″ away from her. Finally, Caine cast Thunder Strike, hit and knocked enemy warcaster down. Stormwall finished what had to be done.

Round 3 Turn 1


It might not look like it at first, but proper positioning and measuring several distances was very demanding. One little mistake and Andrzej would take advantage of it without hesitation. Playing such squishy army against Sorscha1 is very tricky and has to be done carefuly. Fortunately, that was my friend who made the mistake first. I believe Andrzej felt overwhelmed by the loss of two units and went for such a desperate move, but in my opinion it wasn’t necessary, as Sorscha alone can deal with Caine any time, as long as she has range and clear LoS to my caster.

It was a fun and nice game! Thank you Andrzej for showing up on the tournament!

I enjoy the 40p format, but I will write more about that in the last battle report of the tournament.



  1. that is an odd points cost you played there, the Kador list comes out at 47 Pts without the free Pts, and the Cygnar list is at 45. With theme discounts, it gets weirder, landing both at 40. The Format is unknown to me, do yo play that often?

    1. Heyo! Yeah, we played 40points tournament to sort of wake up after 6months long covid break 😉 It was the first time, but honestly we are trying to find a good balance between having fun playing the game and having enough time to do so. Playing 2h long games (and playing 3 of them the same day) could have caused brain damage after not playing for so long haha

      So instead of playing long and demanding games we are trying to find a good format to enjoy the game while still having enough means (point wise) to make the game interesting. We tried Brawlmachine later on, and it is amazing! I have 3 games to describe, I will write a bat rep today, I feel motivated after long holidays haha 😉


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