Finnish Masters Battle reports by Daniel Bergström

Hi fellow wargamers!

My name is Daniel Bergström and I have the honour of guest-publishing a few battle reports here on Moment of Clarity, telling my story from the Finnish Masters that took place end of May 2019 in Vaasa, Finland. I am based in Northern Sweden and made the leap from competitive Warhammer to Warmachine about three years ago, and this set of reports are inspired by how people used to do reports in Warhammer. I hope you like them!

Lists and Pairing discussion

I’ve had a lot of discussions with people both IRL and online on the state of Cygnar in the current meta, and from my perspective we are actually in a pretty good state but with very few viable lists. Siege1 is the big workhorse of a modern Cygnar pairing; we need the magic attacks and RfP capabilities of Explosivo, we need Mage Sight to play around any Cloud/Stealth technology, and Siege’s Feat is extremely strong into the infantry/medium infantry heavy lists dominating the current meta. Last by definitely not least, Fire for Effect from Caine0 just turns Siege’s gun up to eleven, as all the attacks against models in the AoE are boosted both for attack and damage rolls (technically they’re all a single attack).

From a pairings point of view I am happy to play Siege1 into anything but the most anti-shooting focused lists like Old Witch, Kolgrima, Ossrum, or Convergence in DI, so the complementing list needs to take those matchups on. Stryker2 fills that pair well for me, since he is quite happy to play into all of the above problems for Siege, and even if Stryker has some bad matchups he almost always can make a game of it by threatening assassination of nothing else — meaning he can always act as the safe pick in the pair. Once Flames of the Darkness is released, a Morrowan-heavy close combat list could very well replace Stryker2/SD in this pairing.

My lists for this particular event were:

Cygnar Army - 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Storm Division

Lord Commander Stryker [+28]
 - Lancer [10]
 - Stormclad [18]
Journeyman Warcaster [0(4)]
 - Firefly [8]
Major Katherine Laddermore [8]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
Savio Montero Acosta [0(6)]
Stormblade Captain [0(5)]
Storm Lances (max) [20]
Storm Lances (max) [20]
Stormblade Infantry [10]
 - Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard [5]
Cygnar Army - 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Heavy Metal
Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane [+28]
 - Charger [9]
 - Charger [9]
 - Triumph [18]
 - Squire [0(5)]
Journeyman Lieutenant Allister Caine [0(5)]
 - Ace [10]
Journeyman Warcaster [0(4)]
 - Firefly [8]
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen [10]
Field Mechaniks (min) [3]
Storm Strider [18]
Storm Strider [18]

The Stryker2 lists was developed primarily together with Julien Lesage of French/American fame for the WTC 2018, and has since been modified to include Acosta over Arlan — mostly because Siege can handle all matchups were magic weapons may be a thing, and things like Wraith Engines aren’t as prominent as they were around that time. Another key point of the list is the Stormclad over Ol’Rowdy primarily for the 2″ reach, as this enables the Stormclad to attack targets over interposing models, and also simplifies finding a good placement of the Stormclad where he both can apply Positive Charge and get work done himself.

For Siege1 the major difference compared to traditional lists is to include Alexia1. I’ve found that scenario is a strong lose-condition for the list, and having the ability to both contest really well, score round zones with her unit, and create Thralls who can score flags without risking a vital solo is extremely important. I was also experimenting with having a Centurion alongside Triumph in Siege’s battle group, but the final version with double Chargers is more offensively oriented and hopefully prevent enemy models from reaching my lines in the first place.

Each battle report is published in its own post; and you can find links to all of them below. Do keep in mind that the illustrations are generated based on my recollection of the games (complemented by pictures taken semi-regularly during the event), and minor misrepresentations may occur. Enjoy your read!

Game 1: Siege1 vs. Durant2
Game 2: Stryker2 vs. Kolgrima1
Game 3: Stryker2 vs. Grim2
Game 4: Siege1 vs. Baldur1
Game 5: Siege1 vs. Goreshade4


  1. Thanks for your Reports. Nice to see some Cygnar Content.

    Do you think you can Play into Skorne and Grymkin with that pairing? Especially Grymkin seem really hard, with Crabbits and all the Beef in a DM list.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      glad you liked the reports! Grymkin are actually quite good for Siege; there are several models who can kill Gremlin Swarms easily (Triumph, Ace, even Caine0), and Explosivo is great to play around some Arcana (including Sacrifice). That way, with some planning, you can kill some key pieces under Feat without triggering Sacrifice.

      Skorne is more tricky, and it depends a lot on the specific pairing. I think Siege is quite fine into most Skorne lists, but a really thick warbeast list will probably trigger a list chicken between Siege and Stryker.

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