Finnish Masters Game 2: Stryker2 vs. Kolgrima1

The second game of the weekend had me facing off against Pekka, who I knew was one of the top contenders of the event. He dropped Kolgrima most games of the tournament (cannot remember his other list, sadly) including against me, and his feat scared off my Siege1 list and I elected to go for Stryker2.

His list:

Trollbloods Army - 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Band of Heroes

[Kolgrima 1] Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch [+28]
 - Dire Troll Mauler [15]
 - Earthborn Dire Troll [14]
 - Earthborn Dire Troll [14]
 - Trollkin Runebearer [0(5)]
Fell Caller Hero [0(5)]
Kriel Warriors (max) [11]
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (max) [9]
Trollkin Champions (max) [16]
 - Skaldi Bonehammer [0(5)]
Trollkin Long Riders (min) [12]
Trollkin Long Riders (min) [12]

Running Kolgrima in Band of Heroes means RfP and tough prevention on virtually everything in the list; which meant my usual trick of stacking buffs for high ARM, Tough, no-KD on the Stormblades won’t work. Either way I’m happy to play Stryker2 into Trolls, I out-threat everything and he cannot really get much work done from range which means I’m more or less guaranteed the alpha.


Again I win the roll off and elect to go first. Most tables had quite little terrain, and with both of my lists projecting a very long threat range I will happily go first whenever I can and pretty much run everything full distance to claim the board. On this table there is a building on my side by the flag, a hard wall and rough terrain in front of his army and a forest for each of us. Finally, my zone had a hill.

In this game I deploy fairly symmetrically, the forest means I need to split up slightly but also allows me to hide Stryker behind the forest. Pekka also goes for a fairly symmetrical deployment, not really taking advantage of counter-deploying to stack a side; which I guess is very hard to do with the Kriel Stone kind of anchoring the center of the army.

Cygnar Turn 1

I run up very aggressively and only respect the potential, really desperate, assassination run by Kolgrima with Stryker. Put up Deceleration to keep the army safe and then clock over quickly.

Trollbloods Turn 1

Pekka moves his army up and clouds up on the left-hand side to mitigate some of the impact of my alpha. Kolgrima stays outside of threat and can afford to go low and put three clouds up.

Cygnar Turn 2

I take the charges given where I can, get up Positive Charge on the two Lights and Feat with Stryker to get my army up even further and to kill even more. I kill one of the Long Riders on each flank and tie most of the others up. In the centre I focus on the Champions and kill all of them. I get a bit unfocused and split the damage between the heavies on the right-hand side, which leaves both of them alive on 10 boxes or so (mistake!). The Kriel Warriors aren’t really resilient enough to survive and about half of them goes down to leaps and stray attacks. Most importantly I put models up to score both my flag and the rectangle zone on his turn; potentially also the middle zone presuming that he will kill the Stormblades in his midst. I stack the buffs on the Stormblades and mini feat with them to make them more durable.

Trollbloods Turn 2

With all heavies up and running he kill a lot of things in return; but he needs to go in with Kolgrima and utilise her sprays to do so. He manages to contest most of my scoring but the middle with Long Riders (taking a free strike on the right hand side, and running around the almost-engaging Storm Lance on the left). I score the middle zone and he doesn’t score anything back.

Cygnar Turn 3

At this point I have several possible avenues to victory; the scenario push is wide open but requires my attacks to be quite efficient; clearing both the Long Rider in the right-hand zone and the Heavy contesting the top flag. Attrition is also possible as his heavies are quite damaged and I can pick up a few cavalry models without giving up too much in return. However, with Kolgrima virtually being empty (maybe camping one?) and standing right in front of the Stormblades the easiest route is probably to simply go for the throat. Stryker puts up Positive Charge on the Lancer and the Stormclad, and the Stormclad goes up to release Laddermore in the off-chance I need her to finish Kolgrima. The four Stormblades prove more than capable enough though, charging in at MAT 10, PS 17 I kill her several times over, and the game draws to a close.


Stryker2 is a very strong drop into any Troll list, and I’m not sure that Pekka could have played it differently. With Positive Charge the Troll resilience is simply not good enough to survive the alpha and even though he can kill a lot in return he will be on the back foot for scenario going forward. The clouds help a bit, but Run/Feat is enough on one side of the board and he cannot get enough clouds up to cover his entire front line.

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