Finnish Masters Game 3: Stryker2 vs. Grim2

At 2-0 in the first rounds I draw another Troll player, Mateusz, with a more unusual pair of Madrak1 and Grim2. Having played Stryker2 against Madrak1 successfully before I know that’s my drop, and I’m quite surprised to see him drop Grim2.

Trollbloods Army - 74 / 75 points
[Theme] Kriel Company

[Grim 2] Hunters Grim [+25]
 - Dire Troll Bomber [19]
 - Pyre Troll [8]
 - Pyre Troll [8]
 - Trollkin Runebearer [0(5)]
Swamp Gobber Chef [1]
Northkin Fire Eaters [7]
Northkin Fire Eaters [7]
Scattergunners (max) [14]
 - Scattergunner Officer & Standard [4]
Thumper Crew [0(5)]
Thumper Crew [0(5)]
Trollkin Highwaymen (max) [15]
War Wagon [16]

Apart from the Bomber and the Gobber Chef I’ve never seen any of these models on the board before, so regardless of outcome it is going to be a great learning experience.

One thing to note is that the scenario was actually put up mirrored on the board by mistake (zones on the right-hand side for each player), but I elected to draw it this way anyway as it didn’t have a major impact on the result.


I keep winning the rolls to go first and take the chance to start again. He picks the side with two forests and a hard wall in the middle; and I have a rough terrain piece on my left, a forest near where my objective should have been (missing in the pictures!), and a large hill covers the centre of the board.

He skews slightly to my left with the WW, while the rest of his army is deployed symmetrically in the middle, with the Highwaymen taking the centre-right. My deployment is very standard with the slow stuff in the middle and one unit of Storm Lances on each flank.

Cygnar Turn 1

Everything runs up to claim table space, with a few models taking point to tempt the Fire Eaters into making a bad trade or having to back off. Stryker puts up Decel to make it even less likely for him to get work done, and Arcane Shield protects the left-hand side Storm Lances.

Trollbloods Turn 1

Fire Eaters on the left side take their chance with the Storm Lance but cannot chew through ARM 22, only doing minor damage to the lance. The corresponding unit on the other side decides discretion is the better part of valour and takes cover in the woods. Most of his stuff moves up fairly cautiously, and the Grim-trapper dude puts up a 5″ in front of the army to deter my Storm Lances from charging through.

Cygnar Turn 2

Go time. Jr drops Arcane Shield and puts it on the right-hand side Storm Lances, which means he needs a 11+ instead of 8+ for the trap to make them stationary. I take my chances and run straight though. Again Positive Charge goes up on the Lancer, Stryker Feats and puts up Decel on himself to protect the army against Gunfighter attacks the next turn. The cavalry and Storm Blades chew through the Trolls like butter, killing 20 or so and leaving a portion of the survivors knocked down after successful Tough rolls. I set up scoring models behind his lines and switch the clock.

Trollbloods Turn 2

The attrition game is more or less won and Mateusz is forced to go for an assassination on Stryker. I’ve had this happen to me on more then one occasion; basically forcing the hand of my opponent after a strong Feat turn and quite often leaving Stryker too far up and to exposed for my own good. This time I could both have left him quite a lot further back on my side, and I could have skipped Deceleration and camped four instead of camping one. He actually gets a really good run off with the Fire Eaters from the right, the right-hand Pyre Troll and the Bomber all having a go at Stryker after the Warwagon knocked everything down in front of the Bomber to open an avenue up. He needs more-than-average dice and end up leaving Stryker on four boxes, and then the game is called as I score 2-0 on his turn and only need to run a solo to the right-hand flag and kill the contesting Fire Eaters to win.


Again I think Stryker2 is just a great drop into Trolls; apparently also into the rare shooty version. He never really had the chance to show what his army could do, as I killed/engaged most of his stuff already by Turn 2. The assassination run was a bit too close for comfort and I need to be better at protecting Stryker when going in.

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  1. It was a very good game indeed, and quite close in the end. I’m glad I at least got to show off my assassination setting up moves!

    It’d be great to play against you again in a more casual setting 🙂

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