After painting Toro, it’s time for something bigger…
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Galleon :

The raw might of a naval ironhull now walks the lands as the Galleon. The colossal fires a rolling broadside before reaching out with its enormous cargo claw to toss warjacks like rag dolls. It can also use its massive trident to reel in foes and finish them off at close range with a series of punishing blows. The Galleon commands a high price, but for those mercenaries who have the fortune to spend, it fights as a symbol of unquestionable affluence and might.

Text from Privateer Press site

Few info about Galleon :

  • Serious power in melee
  • Three shooting weapons
  • Possibility to drag enemies
  • He is extremely expensive – 39pts

Synergy with the list :

  • Fail-Safe – having 21 ARM Colossal is always great. Immune to crippled systems will be a nice addition for sure.
  • Fortune – our Galleon can have many attacks. Having the option to reroll missing ones sounds amazing to me.
  • Jackhammer – very nice spell for all Colossals I guess. More melee attacks is always great to have. Also, having Fortune on Galleon, we can reroll Jackhammer’s attacks!

Sum up :

Galleon looks like a very nice Colossal.
Harpoon Cannon is amazing.
Also, high melee power + Jackhammer spell, should deal with even the heaviest armor.

Unfortunately, his point cost is too high 🙁
I know, after CID he will cost few points less and I can’t wait for it!
But for now, 39 pts is a little bit too much.

After adding Galleon, my list looks like this :

Mercenary Army – 35 / 75 points
[Theme] The Irregulars

[MacBain 1] Drake MacBain [+30]
Galleon [39]
Toro [13]
Toro [13]

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