Game #3 Saeryn1 vs. Lylyth2 – Wojna Światów tournament.

Hello everybody!

The day has finally come! We all gathered in a primary school to play warmachine&hordes and I was about to drop my Shit Challenge lists.

The pairs have been drawn and I was to play against another Legion player. My friend Maciej, brought Lylyth2 and Thagrosh1 to this event. After looking at his lists and the table I knew what I was going to take. Maciej took Lylyth2 and I took Saeryn1. I lost the roll, Maciej decided to start first and I decided to play on the side of the board that would be more beneficial against his shooting list.

Speaking of, Maciej’s list below:

Theme Force: Children of the Dragon

(Lylyth 2) Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight +28
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower 11
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower 11
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower 11
Annyssa Ryvaal 8
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 1
Blighted Nyss Warlord 5
Craelix, Fang of Everblight 0(6)
Maximus 4
Blackfrost Shard 9
Blighted Nyss Archers (max) 13
– Blighted Nyss Archer Ofcer
& Ammo Porter 5

We were going to play Recon 2.


Maciej deployed his forces with archers, a Bolt Thrower and Nyss Warlord on the left, Lylyth2 with Craelix in the middle and Annyssa and Maximus accompanied by 2 Bolt Throwers on the right. Black Frost Shard set behind all of those models.

I deployed my forces rather symmetrically with Saeryn and Nephlims aiming for the huge crater on the left and Craelix going to get behind the wall in order to maximize the defensive set up. I still didn’t know what I was going to do with Zuriel. I knew however, that I will keep my Hellion safe as she was going to play the crucial part in this match up.


Round 1

Maciej started with cautiously measuring the threat ranges. He ran as far as possible to be outside of Bolt Thrower shooting range with all of his models. Mirrage cast on Archers.

In my turn I took a while in order to find out the best opening. As my friend was playing with a heavy shooting list I wanted to take advantage of the terrain. That should help me surviving the 2nd round or at least make him hesitate to use his feat in his 2nd turn. I remembered about the threat ranges of Archers and kept Saeryn totally safe. The same with Ice Witches and Hellion that I hoped would play a crucial role in this match up. Respawn cast on Zuriel.

Round 1

Round 2

After taking a while to consider all solutions Maciej has decided to use his feat and to go in. I misplaced Craelix and Annyssa killed him easily as Maciej found an angle and got him without any cover. Later on, on the left flank Maciej did his best to kill anything but the rolls weren’t the best. Until it came up to the last Bolt Thrower… not only he hit and knocked down my Soldier, but he crippled his spirit what effectively took him out of the equation in the following turn.

After surviving the heavy barrage I had to go all in, now or never. Ice Witches put Puppet Master on my models. My Bolt Thrower killed the Nyss Warlord. I planned to shot at Bolt Thrower at first, that’s why I didn’t engage his Bolt Thrower with my Nephlim. The other Nephlim charged his Archers killing a couple. At this moment after checking the card of Saeryn we realised that Blight Bringer works differently from what I thought previously. Unfortunately my card was not errated… and I didn’t use it properly from that moment till the end of this game and untill my friend during my 2nd game corrected me. That was quite unfortunate, especially since there were more Legion players. Apparently nobody used Saeryn since previous edition 😀 a pick worthy of The Shit Challenge! Let’s get back to the game. I used feat and cast Blight Bringer on my left black Nephlim killing around 4 Archers. Zuriel hid behind the building and sprayed a couple of models, making sure I kill Rhylyss, the Kiss of Lyliss guy. Hellion made the decisive move, advanced 8″ forward, used Wind Ravager and repositioned 3″ behind the building and Zuriel. I scored one point, 1:0.

Round 2

Round 3

Maciej was in a bad situation. He had Wind Ravager to deal with, then he had to deal with the rest of my models. He started with the obvious stuff though. Maximus charged my right, wounded Nephlim. Bolt Throwers on the right tried to deal as much damage as possible. Annyssa failed to kill Succubus. The other Bolt Thrower had to finish her off. Craelix moved back and weakened my models. Bolt Thrower tried to kill Hellion but failed misserably. Lilyth wasn’t able to do much.

All I had to do now was to kill Lylyth. I killed the objective first in order to get some easy scenario points. I killed Lylyth with Zuriel after clearing the path. 3:0 on scenario.

Round 3, the Zuriel’s shadow though…


What a game! It was a pleasure to play with Maciej, who I know since MK1. It’s always a pleasure. Despite the bad rolls I hope he had some fun too, especially when he knocked down and crippled my Nephlim 😉 All in all Saeryn worked perfectly. I used the terrain and remembered to keep Hellion safe untill she was able to secure me a win. At first I was worried that a gun line like this can simply shoot my Nephlims to death. Fortunately the terrain, my feat and the sweet Hellion contributed to the result.

The next round I was supposed to face Crucible Guard for the first time ever! I think I still don’t know what this army exactly does, but I have an idea now at least 😉

Stay tuned as the following reports are coming soon (this week for sure).



  1. Excellent write up
    Really enjoyed it
    What was the mistake with BlightBringer that you made?
    Please keep the reports Coming

    1. Thank you for your kind words! It’s great to hear that somebody enjoyed reading it 😉 well you’re right, I should have described it more in detail.
      The whole situation was quite funny and before next tournament I’ll double check everything for sure. Apparently none of my Legion friends played Saeryn1 since MK1 and we didn’t even realized that the spell was errated. In my previous training games I’ve been using WarRoom app and for the tournament I took stat cards and I didn’t notice that the spell changed from being non offensive into offensive. What that means is now you actually need to hit, and you can target enemy models of course.
      Before the errata you just placed it on your model.

      I wanted to target my friends models and kill Archers, my friend asked for the card and pointed out that it is not offensive (that we now know it is).

      So that’s why we all got confused.

      Remember to check the cards first! 😉


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