Game #30 Anamag vs. Kreoss1 – Despicable Judicators – Wrocław Masters Round 1

Hello everyone!

I have arrived to Wrocław on Friday in the evening and after a short walk in the city center I went to sleep in order to rest properly before the tournament. Wrocław is a lovely city and in fact that was my first tournament there.

Main Square in Wrocław

Unfortunately, only before the first game I realised that I forgot part of my models: birds and Harrier stayed at home. For the first game I drew Marcin who was playing double Judicators and is well known for his WTC good performence. For some reason I took Anamag. I already had some experience with Hr and a single Judicator. I was hoping that somehow I will manage to charge those machines or find a caster kill angle when all other options would fail.

My adjusted Anamag list:

Legion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Primal Terrors

[Anamag 1] Anamag the Doom Feaster [+27]
– Blightbringer [32]
– Harrier [3]
– Ammok the Truthbearer [4]
Spell Martyr [1]
Spell Martyr [1]
Warmonger War Chief [5]
Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (min) [8]
– Gorag Rotteneye [0(6)]
Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (max) [13]
Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (max) [13]
Blighted Ogrun Warspears (max) [15]
– Warspear Chieftain [5]
Hellmouth [0(6)]
Hellmouth [0(6)]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

All of my opponents agreed that I could proxy Harrier with a Shredder and I am very thankful for that guys 😉

Marcin Kreoss1 list:

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Creator’s Might

[Kreoss 1] High Exemplar Kreoss [+29]
– Judicator [34]
Exemplar Warder [0(5)]
Exemplar Warder [0(5)]
Initiate Tristan Durant [0(4)]
– Judicator [34]
Scrutator Potentate Severius [0(6)]
– Crusader [10]
– Redeemer [11]
– Redeemer [11]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]

That’s a very powerful list against which I am still trying to find the answer.

We played Invasion.


Since there were no linear obstructions or buildings in the middle section of the board it was going to be even more difficult. I was starting to think that I really should have taken the other list 😛 Marcin deployed both collossals on the sides with the rest of the models in the middle.

I deployed Warspears on the flank, Gorag’s unit next to them and the other two units on the left. My plan was to survive the heavy barrage and try to engage looking for a CK angle all the time. Simple as that.


Round 1

Marcin in his first round has managed to shoot off one of my Hellmouths. It wasn’t the best start.

I have run forward and put +2 ARM spell on Gorag’s unit. Blight Bringer stayed outside of most of the threat ranges and used +2 ARM aura.

Round 1

Round 2

Marcin steppend into the left zone with his beautifully painted collossal and started shooting at my Ogruns. The other stayed outside of charging threat ranges and continued wrecking my lines. Warder stepped into the zone and since my right Hellmouth was dead I couldn’t clear that zone this round. Pushing him with gallows and dragging him with Hellmouth would be a thing. The damage output of Judicators is no surprise, but every time I am amazed by what Redemeers are capable of doing. Don’t forget about that, guys 😉

In my turn I dragged one of those nasty light warjacks and with help of Blight Bringer I destroyed it. I charged one of the Judicators with little effect. I destroyed the objective and scored one point. I prepared mentally for what was about to happen next round 😛

Round 2

Round 3 Turn 1

On the photograph below you can see how many of my models survive… well, not too many 😛 Marcin managed to kill most (but one, to be honest) Warmongers and Warspears (again, one left). That wasn’t looking good.

Round 3 Turn 1

Round 3 Turn 2

I had one knocked down Ogrun and Blight Bringer left to find out an angle for CK. Unfortunately, both of my Spell Martyrs were already dead. My last Ogrun stood up thanks to Ammok’s aura. Blight Bringer had to hit and damage Kreoss (who had only one foc left). Then I had to clear the path, dragging the heavy warjack from my charge lane and then my last Ogrun had to hit the charge attack and finish off Kreoss. The odds were approximately around 30%, but I have seen less likely situations happen 😉 everything was clear when Blight Bringer missed his shot 😛 (I should have picked the strength aura, not -2DEF) I still charged Kreoss but it was already over, we shook hands.

Round 3 Turn 2


The only thing I can aim for in this match up is Caster Kill. Attrition game is definitely off the board and clock wise the player with approximately 10 models has upper hand. And, yes, I should have picked the other list ;P I’m still quite happy that even while loosing the whole army I have found the 30% caster kill angle. The only conclusions I have after this game is: don’t play Anamag vs double Judicators under Kreoss, never surrender, and roll better 😛

That was the first round from the Wrocław Masters. Next round I was to face Protectorate again… with a single Judicator, though 😉


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