Game #4 Saeryn1 vs. Syvestro – Wojna Światów Tournament

Hello everybody!

After a mirror Legion match up I got to play with a brand new army of Crucible Guard! Wow, what an opportunity to finaly see how this army works on the table! Although my friend who I was supposed to play against told me everything about the Crucible Guard on the way from Warsaw to Poznań, I had to learn the hard way myself. Let’s get to it!

Adam’s only list:

Crucible Guard Army – 50 / 50 points
[Theme] Magnum Opus

[Syvestro 1] Aurum Adeptus Syvestro [+28]
– Liberator [10]
– Suppressor [13]
– Vindicator [15]
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist [0(4)]
Trancer [0(3)]
Combat Alchemists [7]
Crucible Guard Rocketmen (min) [9]
– Crucible Guard Rocketman Captain [4]
– Rocketman Gunner (2) [4]
Dragon’s Breath Rocket [5]
Steelhead Halberdiers (min) [7]
– Doctor Adolpheus Morley [4]

I chose Saeryn1 and we rolled to decided who will start. I lost the roll, Adam decided to go first, I chose the side of the table I was most comfortable with.


I’d like to apologize but I forgot to take a photo at this stage of the game.
Adam deployed his forces with Rocketmen aiming to hide behind the central impassable terrain. Heavy warjacks on the flanks and Steelhead halabardies going for my rectangular zone.

I deployed with Zuriel in the center, 2 Soldiers on each side, Bolt Thrower on the left, Craelix aiming for the flag and the rest of the models in the back. I wanted to stay with Saeryn on the hill for as long as possible.

Round 1

Adam pressed his forces cautiously forward, carefully measuring my threat ranges. Adam cast couple of upkeep spells on his warjacks. Rocketmen received their special order.

I moved forward and kept in mind not to lose Hellion in a dumb way. I moved her on the hill and used Wind Ravager, so Rocketmen won’t be able to move over the obstacle in the middle and shoot at me. I moved my Nephlims to the zones. Respawn as always on Zuriel.

Round 1

Round 2

Adam jammed me with the Steelheads on the right flank and moved couple of Rocketmen over the impassable terrain in the middle. Alchemists threw smoke bombs. The heavy warjack in the left flank, Suppressor, positioned himself to retaliate in the following turn. Vindicator on the right flank stayed in the trench and prepared to open fire. Trancer ran over the wall and engaged my right Soldier. The cannon shot at my Nephlim.

In my turn I decided to feat and gain board control. I killed couple of Rocketmen and Steelheads, unfortunately due to misunderstanding in the previous game, I used Blight Bringer in the wrong way. Instead of needing to hit my own model I simply put it on my warbeast and dealt damage to enemy models. Fortunately, in the following turn Adam corrected me. I killed a Stealhead and moved away from Trancer in order not to receive any damage after killing him with a spray attack from my Ice Witch. Zuriel easily killed a couple of Rocketmen. Bolt Thrower made sure that Morley, the ranking officer, will bite dust. After using my feat and Wind Ravager up front I felt pretty comfortable with the current state of the game depicted below. Both of us scored 1 point on our flags.

Round 2

Round 3

This turn Adam wanted to use his feat and get rid of my models in his rectangular zone. That wasn’t a big deal since I have contested his zone only with a single Soldier. Adam used his feat and revived 2 Rocketmen. The cannon shot at my left Soldier, then all 3 Alchemists hit their attacks and made my Soldier Stationary. 2 of them contested my flag. Later on Suppressor moved up and shot my Nephlim. Then with his first, or second melee attack he finished him off. Thanks to Dual Attack rule he wanted to spray my Hellion… wait… that was the moment I realized I f-ed up. How can you possibly forget about Wind Ravager in a match up like this? Well… it was too late for any take backs.  That was totally my fault. With the remaining Stealheads Adam continued jamming me. Liberator, the light arc node warjack, stayed outside the Blight Bringer and dealt couple of damage to my right Soldier. Vindictor shot at both of my Nephlim Soldiers forcing each with 1 fury with his Psychoactive Gas effect. Adam scored 2 points whereas I scored none.

After messing up with Wind Ravager I had to focus, otherwise Crucible Guard will take this game home. I started with obvious things. Craelix killed all 3 Alchemists. This turn we realized how Blight Bringer works and I rolled to hit my Nephlim, but why we forgot it’s a blast damage that Rocketmen were immune to this turn probably? I don’t know… We both messed up. In fact Rocketmen, as long as Hellion was alive, couldn’t do much beside contesting. But still I should have known that they were immune to blast damage. I messed up a bit on my right flank as I should have cleared my rectangular zone and force Adam to commit his last remaining heavy warjack, Vindictor. Instead I head butted Liberator and charged over the heavy warjack with my Nephlim. I intended to cripple his cortex and contest the flag. I did contest the flag however. I scored 2, Adam scored none and we had a tie, 3:3.

Round 3

Round 4

The game was going my way and Adam had to do something about it. Killing my both Nephlim Soldiers was definitely the way. The cannon shot one of my Soldiers. Liberator charged my right Nephlim, but didn’t do much. Remaining Rocketmen constested all they could. Adam scored one, I scored nothing, 3:4.

I started with clearing my flag, the middle zone and the rectangular zone. Rocketmen are difficult to hit, but Puppet Master and Mat 8 surely helps a lot. Hellion flew over the hut, sprayed the cannon killing it and repositioned to contest the flag. I scored 3, Adam nothing, 6:4.

Round 4

Round 5

The game was basically over. Adam managed to clear his flag and score one point, while I scored 3 more. The game ended with a result 9:5 in Legions favour. Unfortunately I forgot about the photo again.

What a great game! I love Crucible Guard and with the upcoming releases they will definitely gain a significant boost. I cannot wait to play with Adam back in Warsaw and see what this army is capable of!

What won me the game, apart from misunderstunding how Blight Bringer works, was the LoS blocker in the middle that divided the table in half and allowed me to focus on one of the flanks and gain the upper hand there. Hellion deservs a golden base, she is the most important piece against that heavily shooting list like this and thanks to the terrain I could kept her safe. Worth mentioning is that Adam is one of the polish players with the longest Warmachine record and he is just getting back to the game after year and a half of hiatus. Regardless of that, he played well and we had some fun! Thanks Adam for the game! I hope we will have a rematch soon 😉

That was the 2nd game of a local tournament in Poznań. In the next round I was to face another Legion player with Lylyth1 and Anamag!

Stay tuned for the upcoming battle report.


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