Game #5 Saeryn1 vs. Lyltyh1 – Wojna Światów Tournament

Hello everybody!

Here comes the third game from our local tournament in Poznań. The Shit Challenge is going great so far! I’ve already won 2 of my previous games and we were about to begin the third one. This time against a Legion player again! Maciej brought Lylyth1 and Anamag1. As he revealed later on he was afraid of Blightbringer doing nothing the whole game due to… Blight Bringer ironically ;P

Maciej’s Lylyth1 list:

Theme Force: Children of the Dragon

(Lylyth 1) Lylyth, Herald of Everblight +30
– Azrael 21
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower 11
– Zuriel 18
– Succubus 0(4)
Annyssa Ryvaal 8
Craelix, Fang of Everblight 0(6)
Blighted Nyss Raptors (min) 11
Blighted Nyss Raptors (min) 11

So yet again I was to face a heavy shooting list. As I already played 2 times with Saeryn I felt pretty confident with her and didn’t hesitate a second which list to take.


For the first time that day I won the roll and I had to take a while to think what to do. I have decided to be the first player. I deployed symetrically again, with a Bolt Thrower on the right and Craelix on the left, Zuriel in the middle. The rest of the models set safe back. Previous games thought me how important the Hellion is.

Maciej deployed cavalry on both flanks, big badass Nephlims, Zuriel and Azrael, in the middle. Annyssa in the center with Succubus and Lilo1. Maciej’s Craelix in the right flank. Unfortunately I forgot to take a deployment photo.

Round 1

I moved cautiously forward, having in mind how long his threat ranges are. Succubus put a cloud on the Hellion, just in case.

Maciej advanced a bit forward, just to have the shooting range to one of my Soldiers, and he crippled his mind. Rapotors shot couple of arrows on my still living warbeasts. One of Raptors repositioned through the acid lake and got corrosion (later on that single damage contributed to his doom, it’s a bit funny in a way 😉 ).

Round 1

Round 2

I decided to go all in and force Maciej to engage. I couldn’t compete with him in terms of raw fire power. I decided to use the favourable terrain once again. Zuriel moved just behind the house to have LoS to Azrael and to be outside shooting-parasite threat from Lilo1 and used Elusive. Saeryn healed up hurt Soldier, popped the feat and cast Blight Bringer, correctly used this time, against Azrael dealing quite a bit damage. Craelix went directly toward the Azrael and Weakened him. I decided to hide the hurt Soldier behind the house as he would have been the first target to kill on that flank. Unfortunately that left no space for my beloved Hellion so she had to stay back, hidden behind the wall. 2 Soldiers on the left flank ran toward the cover and got ready to receive the charge from Raptors and whatever Maciej had prepared. Bolt Thrower killed Annyssa. The right Soldier stayed in the forest as Maciej would need to commit a lot of resources on that flank to kill that objective (now I realized I forgot about +3ARM for the objective) and by doing that he would leave my Soldier untouched, ready to retaliate. In this case I felt safe, that he won’t take this zone, at least not now.

I felt pretty confident and Maciej surprised me by telling me he would try to kill 4 of my warbeasts. Well… at this point that would mean that the game is over. I was curious how he would like to achieve that. He started with Shooting with Lilo1 at one of the Soldiers so he would get the free charge with the Azrael, I hoped he would forget about that. Additionaly that Soldier got Parasite. I don’t remember who killed Craelix but I believe it was one of the raptors. Charging raptors tried to kill Soldiers on the left, one of the impact attacks triggered the Retaliatory Strike that killed the charging reindeer before the charge attack happened. Remaining Raptors decided not to do any impact attacks and just stroke with their blades. Azrael charged but failed to kill the Soldier. The combination of feat, Unyealding and Weaken on Azrael is scary, even with Parasite on the Soldier. Zuriel had to finish him off. He missed my Zuriel with his Quick work range attack, so I moved back to get a charge for free, unfortunately the remaining 2 Nephlims were set on fire. Craelix weakened both of my right Nephlims. The right Raptors charged the Bolt Thrower and another Soldier but failed to kill any of them. When dust settled only one of my Nephlims was dead. None points scored.

Round 2

Round 3

Satisfied with the outcome of the previous turn I planned to get rid of left Raptors, Azrael and maybe Zuriel. This would probably seal my victory. What could go wrong? I had to pass couple of tests first. Only one Nephlim was still burning. None of them frienzied. I got rid of two Raptors on the right with a little help from Ice Witches. Left soldier killed one Raptor.  Saeryn got Snipe and applied Grievous Wounds on Zuriel. Hellion charged and killed the last Raptor on the left flank. Zuriel finished hurt Azrael with fury to spare, so I spend it on hurting Maciej’s Zuriel.  My hidden Soldier was supposed to kill Zuriel but even with Puppet Master I failed to hit the charge attack and spend additional two on dealing some points. Spirit was gone and Grievous Wounds applied, he was no threat anylonger. All in all no points scored.

Maciej continued kicking and fighting. He finally got rid of my Bolt Thrower and the right Soldier. Additionally he killed on of the Ice Witches somehow. Succubus got into the zone. Zuriel did basically nothing but engaging my models. No points scored.

Round 3

Round 4

This game seemed to be already won but one can never be sure. I had to transfer my overwhealming hitting power on the left flank into scenario points, as Maciej gained the upper hand on the right side and will start scoring anytime soon. I think that my left Soldier burned to death. That was unfortunate. I finished Maciej’s Zuriel easily, but I couldn’t get the Objective. My Hellion charged and killed the last Raptor. Ice Witches moved into the circular zone. 1:0 to me.

Unfortunately I did something terrible… Maciej was already sure he will surrender after scoring last two points he could when I realized I didn’t activate Saeryn… what ment I had full fury stack on her. As this was a tournament game Maciej didn’t allow me to take couple of fury out of Saeryn claiming it will only be beneficial to me. Angry as I was more on myself than on my friend, I didn’t see how good situation on the table is. Maciej managed to kill the objective and score a point in the right rectangular zone. 1:2. Regrettably I forgot to take a photo after that round… still better than forgetting to activate your warlock though 😛

Round 5

Threshold tests time! All of my beasts were on full stack and only one failed. Soldier charged Zuriel as it was the closest model but fortunately didn’t do much. I killed the objective and kill the model contesting the circular zone and repositioned with Hellion to contest, I scored 3 points, Maciej nothing. 4:2 in my favour.

Maciej killed the contesting model, but couldn’t get anything to the left rectangular zone and didn’t step in to the circular zone. 5:3 in my favour.

Round 5

Round 6

I contested the right rectangular zone and kept scoring. 7:3.

Maciej couldn’t do much as I kept Saeryn safe. I believe he managed to finish off my right Soldier, scored one additional point and I at the same time scored 2. The final result was 9:4 in my favour.

Wow, this game. That was the first time since I don’t remember when, when I forgot to activate my warlock. This situation definitely gave me the lesson. Thank you Maciej for giving me that lesson and for not surrendering.

What won me this game I believe were bad rolls that Maciej had, but honestly in retrospection I still don’t know how he wanted to kill 4 of my warbeasts, even with good rolls. That’s true that one of my Soldiers survived for a bit too long, but still. Weakening the Azrael was a good choice, as applying Grievous Wounds to Azrael. From that turn on the left flank was mine, even after forgetting to activate my warlock and effectively giving Maciej additional turn. Again I managed to position well and use the terrain to my advantage.

Finally we didn’t play the 4th round and I finished 2nd due to SoS. It was super close, though. I’m so happy I won 3 games with my Shitty Lists. Oh, I forgot to mention what was probably obvious to you, I won The Shit Challenge! Thats a double win! 😀 Surprisingly the Saeryn list performed really good! I was quite surprised with how survivable it is. My opponents, as they all have shooting lists, really struggled to do anything. If you want, go and try yourself. In the near future I plan to develop this list to become full 75p version. Who would have believed that haha. If it comes to Beth’s list… well… I need to test her first 😉

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed reading those first couple of my battle reports. I will take a short break and I will get back next week with some cool 75p champions format lists!



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