Game #6 Thagrosh2 vs. Kraye1 – Champions preparations.

Hello everybody!

This time, after The Shit Challange that I enjoyed a lot, I would like to test one of my lists for the upcoming Iron Gauntlet Qualifier in Champions format, that will take place in Poznań,
17 to 18-Nov-2018. This Saturday though, I will have an opportunity to test my ideas in tournament environment and still have time to adjust them to work better. We will have a local steamroller tournament for 24 people! To be honest I didn’t expect that many players to show up. I believe it’s all Mateusz Dziekanowski‘s fault. He definitely knows how to organize a cool event!

As I am still waiting for a couple of models I wanted to try one of my Oracles lists. I have prepared Vayl2 and Thagrosh2 lists and in order to chose the one I am more comfortable with, I’d like to test them both before Saturday. Not a lot of time left, so I had to squeeze at least 2 games before the end of this week.

My friend that I was about to play with, Karol Sosnowski, wanted to test one of his Cygnar lists. This time I wanted to see the big guy on the table, so I have decided to play Thagrosh2, Karol took Kraye1.

My Thagrosh2 list:

Legion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Oracles of Annihilation

[Thagrosh 2] Thagrosh, the Messiah [+25]
– Angelius [17]
– Angelius [17]
– Nephilim Protector [10]
– Neraph [12]
– Seraph [14]
– Typhon [20]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]
Spell Martyr [1]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
The Forsaken [0(4)]
Ice Witches [7]

Karol’s Kraye1 list:

Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Heavy Metal

[Kraye 1] Captain Jeremiah Kraye [+28]
– Centurion [17]
– Centurion [17]
– Centurion [17]
– Squire [0(5)]
Journeyman Lieutenant Allister Caine [0(5)]
– Firefly [8]
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt [8]
– Captain Jonas Murdoch [0(4)]
Storm Strider [18]
Storm Strider [18]

To be fair, at first I wast’n satisfied with my choice. I was afraid that those Storm Striders will fry my dragons and I will have nothing left, apart from Typhon maybe, to retaliate. As it turned out, having the first turn helps a lot 😉 I won the roll and decided to go first. Karol took side and we begun deploying our models. We had a couple of proxies: Sacral Vault was a Storm Strider. On my side, BFS played as Ice Witches, the Octopus was a Neraph. Second Hellion was proxied by Efaarit Scouts.


I have deployed my army rather symmetrically in order not to show my intentions. Angelii along with Hellions on the flanks, Thag2 with Typhon at his side, the rest of the models spread somewhere between two Angels on the flanks basically.

Karol decided to deploy Storm Striders on the left side and Centurions on the other side of the board aming to capture the right zone.

Round 1

After calculating how far Storm Striders can shoot, I run with my models as far as possible. Aggravator on Thag2, Draconic Blessing on Typhon. Hellions stayed safely away from Cygnar shooting ranges in order to go forward in next turn and use Wind Ravager.

In Karol’s turn all heavy warjacks moved forward, used their special ability that prevents charges against them, and repositioned even further. One of Centurions received Admonition. The leftmost Battle Engine got Fire For Effect from Caine0. Ayiana&Holt were safe behind Firefly.

Round 1

Round 2

I wanted to try something out and Karol agreed to test it. We saw a CK angle and we wanted to test if it is even possible. Thagrosh moved forward, Slip Streamed rightmost Angelius, used feat and cast Manifest Destiny. Ice Witches gave Puppet Master to three substantial warbeasts. Seraph, with apparition, moved 9″ forward, Flared and damaged Kraye, who had only 2 foc, and Slip Streamed the other Angelius. Left Angelius run 14 inches forward. Rightmost Angelius moved up and pushed back the Centurion. Neraph run forward. Typhon run forward. All three warbeasts were able to engage Kraye, and easily hit him. I had some spikes but with Manifest Destiny Typhon managed to finish him off. We took it all back, moved Kraye 3 inches backward and continued our game.

In my turn I wanted to get rid of one of the battle engines. Hellion flied 8″ forward, used Wind Ravager and repositioned 3″ forward the way to block the Repulsor Field from pushing my Angelius back. Thagrosh hid behind the hut and cast Manifest Destiny. Angelius with Puppet master wrecked left Storm Strider. on the right flank Typhon sprayed 3 times the middle Centurion. Seraph flared him and Angelius after being Slip Streamed managed to kill it. Spell martyr run up to the flag. Forsakeen took all 5 fury from Typhon on himself. The other Hellion prepared to take action in the following turn.

Round 2 Turn 1

Karol wanted to retaliate as strong as possible and this way regain the lead. Unfortunately it didn’t start well when Firefly failed to kill left Hellion. Ayiana Kissed Angelius, but Holt failed to kill Hellion with his melee attacks, what ment he just couldn’t shoot anybody. Storm Strider relentlessly finished what Holt couldn’t and with his range attacks he harmed Neraph. Centurions on the right flank effortlessly beat Angelius to death. 1:0 in my favour.

Round 2 Turn 2

Round 3

We both saw the inevitable. The last Strom Strider had to go down. But first, last Angelius failed his Threshold and killet Holt in retaliation. Thagrosh cast Manifest Destiny and with one fury to spare he turned the battle engine into a pile of scrap, creating a cloud. Slip Streamed Neraph killed Firefly. I contested the right zone, and following Karol’s advice I stayed back with Typhon in order not to lose him to Centurions, this way securing the right flank from being captured by Cygnar. 4:0 in my favour.

Round 3 Turn 1

Karol tried last chance Caster Kill, but with a shield guard and a Harrier (that Karol’s brother reminded me about) that I could Sac Pawn onto, we shook hands.

I must admit I’m really satisfied with the list. It is really hitting hard and I believe that having 2 Angelii is enough. I’m curious how Nephlim Protector will do in this list, as I still didn’t have a possibility to benefit from Guard Dog rule combined with Harrier’s Dodge. Additionally having the CK option on the table until I use my feat is great! I cannot wait to surprise somebody with a bottom of 2 Caster Kill. I think I will not even test the second Oracles list that I was thinking about and just go with the flow. The game was really quick but we still had some fun!

Tomorrow I will face Jakub and his Protectorate. Jakub is doing pretty well and I cannot wait to play with him again.


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