Game #91 Harbinger vs Kromac2 (local Pruszków league game #3 – FINAL)

I played :

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Faithful Masses

(Harbinger 1) The Harbinger of Menoth [+24]
– Devout [9]
– Reckoner [16]
– Hierophant [0(3)]
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist [3]
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist [3]
Champion of the Order of the Wall [8]
Champion of the Order of the Wall [8]
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon [6]
Reclaimer Gatekeeper [3]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
The Covenant of Menoth [0(4)]
Wrack [1]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Horgenhold Forge Guard (max) [16]
– Attendant Priest [3]
Idrian Skirmishers (max) [15]
– Idrian Skirmisher Chieftain & Guide [0(5)]


Circle Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Devourer’s Host

(Kromac 2) Kromac, Champion of the Wurm [+28]
– Ghetorix [21]
– Warpwolf Stalker [19]
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress [4]
Tharn Ravager Shaman [0(5)]
Tharn Ravager Shaman [0(5)]
Death Wolves [9]
Farrow Valkyries [8]
Tharn Ravagers (max) [16]
– Tharn Ravager Chieftain [5]
Tharn Ravagers (max) [16]
– Tharn Ravager Chieftain [5]

Circle was lead by Paweł Blados.
Warmachine Europe Champion 2017 and one of the best Polish players.

I’m going first.

Deployment :

Idrians prey at left Ravagers.

Rhupert gave Pathfinder to Dwarves.
Whole my army just ran forward.
Harbinger stayed behind the wall.

Kromac cast Awakened Spirit on Ghetorix.
Shamans said “no KD in my CMD range”.
Rest of the army ran as far as possible.

End of 1st round :

Dwarves came a litte bit forward.
Monks said +4 DEF and stayed contesting two zones.
Idrians shot few Ravagers.
Left Champion took care of two Tharns.
Right Champion charged at Death Wolves to get rid of a few corpses.
At the beginning of the turn, I was hoping to kill more models than five 🙁

On the right flank, Ravagers just stayed in the position for the next round.
Valkyries and left Tharns killed few Idrians outside of Martyrdom.
I also lost two Champions.

End of 2nd round :

I managed to get rid of left Tharns.
Dwarves killed one of Death Wolves.
The rest of the Wolves were slammed away.

Ghetorix stayed in the left zone, outside of Reckoner’s charge range.
Lanyssa cast Hunter’s Mark at Idrian.
Kromac charged at marked Idrian and killed him.
He also killed few Dwarves and Monk + Sprint back.
Unfortunately, Harbinger could not save my models – Grievous Wounds.

0-1 on the scenario.

End of 3rd round :

Dwarves took care of few Tharns and one Death Wolf.
Harbinger cast Rebuke on right Ravagers + FEAT.

Ghetorix is still staying in the left zone to contest it.
Kromac charged at Book and killed it.
He also killed few Dwarves + Sprint back.
Fortunately, he did not have a range to one of them.
So, zone contested.

Still 0-1 on the scenario.

End of 4th round :

Reckoner came to the left zone and shot at Ghetorix.
Idrians and Monk charged at him, but he survived on 6/7 hp.

Paweł killed the last Dwarf in the right zone.
Ghetorix took care of few models + he heals a little bit (Snacking).

0-2 on the scenario.

End of 5th round :

Hierophant ran to contest the right zone.
Reckoner shot at Ghetorix again.
Devout finished him.
Choir stayed in the left zone to score a point.

1-2 on the scenario.

Kromac cleared the right zone.
Lanyssa and Shaman ran to contest the left zone.

1-3 on the scenario.

End of 6th round :

I did not have any models to contest right zone.
I just cleared the left zone and score a point there.

2-4 on the scenario

Paweł does not have to do anything to win.
One of the Tharns just came to contest the left zone.
That’s all.

I lost the game 2-5 on the scenario.

End of the game :

What does my opponent have to say about the game?

“Me again. I had opportunity to play against Dziekan with his beloved Harby.
Very tough game.
Thanks to her skills her army was almost untouchable.
The most important model in game was Kromac;)
thanks to his grevious wounds on the axe he can kills models ignoring Harby skills.
So games looks that: my army try to kills something, but it mostly deals some damage to Harby.
And next Kromac jump in, killing a lot of models and runaway thanks to sprint.
Thanks to Geto who survive and keep the zone I won at the end on scenario.
Harby is my nightmare, but luckly only Dziekan in Poland play with her on that high level.
Thanks for next very good game.
Pleasure like always:)
In future you will see some battle reps with me too:)

A few words after game :

  • The last time I played Harbinger, it was.. 88 games ago!
    Plenty of time.
  • During the game, I made two serious mistakes.
    First – I should choose a better side, instead of starting.
    On my side, I could not comfortably put a wall from theme.
    Second – I gave two Champions for “free”.
    They killed something, but stayed outside of Martyrdom and just died in Paweł’s turn.
  • Kromac MVP.
    This game would look completely different without his Grievous Wounds.
    Anyway, it was a good game as always.
    Thanks Paweł 😉
  • I started to love Harbinger again.
    I will play many more games with this caster for sure.

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