Games #174 – #183, pre WTC 2018 testing games

The games below, will be described in a big shortcut.
Just photo + result of the match.
Below, the last 10 games before WTC.

My lists :



#1 HR vs Dreamer

vs Tomasz Tutaj.

Close game to the very end.
I was running out of time and game ended 6-6 on the scenario.
I won by destroying more army points.



#2 Harbinger vs Denny2

vs Konrad Sosnowski

Terrible paring for Harbinger.
Hellmouth spell, can be cast on his own model, to pull out the Monk, outside of Martyrdom range etc.
Harbinger died, because of Feedbacks dmg.



#3 HR vs Vlad2

vs Karol Sosnowski

A lot of shooting with HoF was too much, even for high arm Man-o-Wars.
Also, I think Khador list were a little bit too slow on Mirage scenario.
I won the game by scenario.



#4 HR vs Kaelyssa

vs Karol Sosnowski

It was super OK matchup for HR.
I had enough power, to just walk (elves FEAT) and kill things.
I won by scenario.



#5 HR vs Anamag

vs Piotr Palacz

HR vs Anamag match, is always so close and last sooo long.
We ended in 7th round, by PoM scenario points advantage.



#6 Harbinger vs Rasheth

vs PaweĊ‚ Blados

The paring wasn’t the best for me.
I won only because of building.
I could hid Harbinger there, and started scoring.
Without this building, I would 100% lose.



#7 HR vs Kraye

Once again, it was all about Thunderhead.
After destroying this warjack, all started to be easier.
I won by scenario.



#8 HR vs Stryker1

vs Shonsu

This game was described from Cygnar perspective here :

Stryker1 vs HR



#9 HR vs Anamag

vs Martin Rohme

Once again, super hard and close game.
I lost it by 1 scenario point at the end of 7th round.
Elias vs Hellmouths is amazing.



#10 HR vs Denny2

vs Konrad Sosnowski

Konrad wanted to test his list vs HR Judi list.
So, I picked Judi.
Judi killed tons of models..
Konrad started to gain an advantage on scenario, but it requires Denny2 to stay without focus.
Two Cinerators, after Vengeance movement and HR’s FEAT, were able to charge and kill Denny2.

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