Games #184 – 189, WTC 2018 Warsaw


Below, super short reports from WTC 2018.

Our team :

Paweł Blados Skorne
Mateusz Dziewanowski PoM
Konrad Sosnowski Cryx
Karol Sosnowski Trolls
Tomasz Tutaj Grymkin

I played whole tournament by HR.

My lists :




#1 HR vs Haley3

We played vs New Zealand.
Cygnar was lead by David Wilson.

Two big clouds in the middle of the table were so good for HR.
Same as scenario.
Bastions’s Def Strike were perfect to protect my zone from contesting models.
Seneshals gave me a few scenario points advantage.
The game ended 8-3 on scenario for me.

Rest of the team also did well and we won that round 4-1.



#2 HR vs HR

We played vs Scotland.
PoM was lead by William Cruickshanks.

First of all, just take a look at the terrain on our table :

Perfectly for two HR’s clouds.
We put clouds there turn by turn 🙂
In this matchup, ignoring clouds Judicator was the worst.
I used my FEAT to destroy him, but later, rest of Will’s forces took care of mine 🙁
To have any chances, I was forced to play HR super aggressively.
All in all, I lost the game by CK.
Rest of the team won all their games and we won that round 4-1.

Will it was a great game, I want a rematch!




#3 HR vs Ossrum

We played vs France.
Mercenaries was lead by Nicolas Duval.

It wasn’t the best paring for Hr I guess.
Under Ossrum’s FEAT, Siege Crawlers were practically “unkillable”.
I lost whole my left flank, so I was unable to contest Merc’s flag.
I had one and only chance to win = CK.
After Nicolas turn, HR had thousands of souls/focus.
HR cast HoF on himself and charged at BE.
After this, I had range to cast few Immolations at Ossrum (he camped 1).
Fortunately, it was enough and I won by CK.

After equal fight, our team finally won 3-2.

So, 1st day of WTC and we have 3-0!
Looking good.



#4 HR vs Ossrum


We played vs Australia.
Mercenaries was lead by Peter Bates.

Our game was streamed and you can find it here :

It was a really close game.
We played 7 rounds and end 6-6 on the scenario.
Peter killed 8 points more and won the game.

Unfortunately, we lost this round 1-4.

Peter, once again thanks for this game!
It was an amazing one.



#5 HR vs Haley3

We played vs England.
Cygnar was lead by Matt Goligher.

One of my favourite matchups.
Game went as I planned, until..
I had one turn, where I killed 1 (yes, one) Risen.
Whole turn and only 1 Risen killed..
It was impossible, just impossible.
FoS can not hit trenchers with all his attacks.
After that, Matt took an advantage and killed a lot of my forces.
HR collected a lot of souls and I decided to try CK (best possible option).
After 3 Immolations, Haley survived on few boxes, but she was set on fire.
I needed to roll “10” on fire dmg to kill her and I failed.
After that, we end the game – I lost.

Unfortunately, we also lost as a team, 1-4.



#6 HR vs Absylonia2

We played vs Germany.
Legion was lead by Martin Huf.

I was pretty sure, that my opponent will drop Anamag.
Ops.. he chose Absylonia.
And he won the starting roll..
Which made our paring extremely hard for me.
Fortunately, we played Spread the Net, one of my favourite scenarios.
I had enough solos and contest possibilities.
After almost 2h of playing, I won the game by 1 scenario point at the end of 7th round.

My teammates also won their games.
4-1 for us!

We ended this tournament at 11 place.
It isn’t bad, but to be honest, we really wanted to make 5-1 score.

As some of you already know it, 6 above games were my last by PoM.

You can find my “Goodbye PoM” post here :

Bye Bye PoM

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