General Ossrum


As I wrote in previous post, I started to paint my first Mercenary list.
Firstly, I painted the most important component of the list – Warcaster.

Below, the effect of my work:

General Ossrum Dhurg’s disdain for traditional tactics and penchant for startling improvisation and bold maneuvers have earned him both admiration and ire from his peers. The men he commands, though, regard him with universal respect and affection, not merely for the victories he brings their clans but also because he asks nothing of them he would not do himself. Always on the advance, General Ossrum greets each morning with fresh enthusiasm, intending that should the day be his last, it will end in glory.

Text from Privateer Press site

Let’s start with the spells list :

  • Bullet Dodger, +2 DEF and Dodge on friendly faction model. Great spell to cast on high DEF solo/model or just on Ossrum.
  • Energizer, within Ossrum’s ctrl range, whole battlegroup immediately advance 2″. This spell is amazing, I will try to cast it every turn. Remember, it also affect Ossrum.
  • Fire for Effect, first range attack of friendly faction model is fully boosted (hit and dmg). The obvious choice, is to cast it on artillery. It is also worth considering, to cast it on solos like Eiryss or Gorman, to increase their chances of hitting an important target.
  • Snipe, ranged weapons of friendly faction model/unit gain +4 RNG. Amazing with Kell Bailoch. He can aim and shot two times from 18″ distance.
  • Stranglehold, enemy model damaged by this spell, must forefits his normal movement or combat action during next activation. Amazing spell, but I don’t think Ossrum want to be close enough to cast it. For Ossrum, it’s a situational spell, but it’s good to have access to it.
  • Unstoppable Force, while within Ossrum’s ctrl range, whole battlegroup gain Bulldoze. This spell has many uses, like pushing models outside of scenario/flags or just add more inches to charge/shot range.

Ossrum has amazing spells list, but he has only 6 Focus.
After upkeeping 3 spells, not much left for casting other things.
For this reason, I would call him a supporting Warcaster.

We can not forget about his Tactician (Rhulic) ability.
While in Ossrum’s cmd range, Rhulic models can ignore other Rhulic models when determining LOS.
Also, Rhulic models can move through other Rhulic models.
Of course, it only applies to friendly Rhulic models.

Let’s take a look on his FEAT :

  • Perfect Plan, friendly Rhulic models/units in Ossrum’s ctrl range, gain +3 ARM, +3 SPD and Pathfinder.

In many cases, Ossrum will hit first.
After alpha strike, his army should have enough armor to survive counterattack.

For my Ossrum, I chose Irregulars theme force.
I know, this theme will get a nerf soon, but it is still my favourite for Ossrum.

As soon as I paint more models, I’ll post their photos + info why I chose them to my list.
I will also update my list, which, for now, does not look very impressive :

Mercenary Army – 0 / 75 points
[Theme] The Irregulars

[Ossrum 1] General Ossrum [+28]


    1. You are absolutely right.
      However, I am afraid, it will take a long time before the CID becomes official and before new models will be available to buy 🙁

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