Gobber Tinker

After painting the last unit, I left with 5 points to finish my list.
Two of them, I decided to spend on Gobber Tinker :

Gifted with an innate mechanikal aptitude, gobbers often find themselves in high demand on the battlefields of western Immoren. Almost every commanding officer can find a use for a talented gobber tinker. Armed with their tools and a trusty sidearm, tinkers can develop a reputation for solid work in harsh conditions and make considerable fortunes—if they survive the rigors of war.

Text from Privateer Press site

Few info about Gobber Tinker :

  • Super cheap and fast (SPD 6) solo
  • Repair [d6]
  • He always has a cover, which makes him def 18 vs shooting and magic

Synergy with the list :

He is only here, to Repair Galleon.
Also, he can be very good at contesting flags/zones with his high def.

Sum up :

As I wrote above, he has only one job – Repair Galleon.
Sometimes I will use him to contest some scenario pieces.
After adding him to the list, only 3 pts left.
I decided to add Anastasia.
I have already written about her earlier in this post.

I really want to start, so she is an auto-include for me.
Also, under MacBain’s FEAT, maybe she will be able to use Espionage?

After adding these two, my list is done!
Thanks to Irregulars theme force, I got 4 free cards, which I will describe soon.

My list :

Mercenary Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Irregulars

[MacBain 1] Drake MacBain [+30]
Galleon [39]
Toro [13]
Toro [13]
Anastasia di Bray [3]
Gobber Tinker [2]
Kayazy Eliminators [5]
Kayazy Eliminators [5]
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt [8]
Sea Dog Pirates (max) [13]
Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster [4]

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