Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new blog created on the initiative of Mateusz/Dziekan, who was previously running a well-established Protectorate of Menoth blog.

This blog subsection will focus on Cygnar – including battle reports, testing, thoughts and perhaps other articles related to this faction. I hope it will be fun to read for you, as much as it will be fun to write for me.

Few words about me:

I started playing Warmachine in the first edition, just after the Hordes were introduced. Those were the early years of Warmachine as a competitive game in Poland, so I participated in the first real tournaments, leagues and communities, which started to appear quickly in couple of cities. I was playing Cryx and Orboros back then.

I had a few years’ break afterwards, but I have returned to this great game in the second and third edition, playing Skorne and finally – Khador. Experience-wise I would call myself a Khador player, as this is the faction I know best so far.

So that’s right – I wasn’t Cygnar player until very recently. Perhaps I lack the experience, but I hope that as a newcomer, I will bring some fresh thoughts about Cygnar, that will make this blog interesting for you to read. I intend to focus on my personal ideas and less popular lists – so this blog will not be “another 100 reports about Haley blog” probably – although I don’t mind playing top casters as well.

Why Cygnar?

First, I like the “European fantasy” feel the Cygnar has. Pistol mages and the knights – what’s not to like?

Second, I always thought that this faction is full of options that allow different playstyles. I just had a feeling that for many years Cygnar was teaching us NOT to explore those options, because the “Haley&Stormwall is answer to everything”. This was discouraging me from collecting this faction. Luckily, after some balance, nerfs, new releases and upgrades to other factions, Cygnar is no longer a “cheesy” way of losing your friends and making people dislike you. Well… at least it’s not the only one now. 🙂 That’s a good moment to join and try some new tricks.

Finally – it is very funny to play Cygnar after playing Khador. Fluff-wise and game-wise Cygnar is Khador’s nemesis. I will not go into detail here (this is not Khador section), but as a Khador player I felt constantly bullied by this faction as it is not only a hard opponent but it is also doing many things better. It was always hard for me to find unique Khador advantages that were not present in Cygnar. Armour? Melee damage? Melee infantry? All there in Cygnar.

Now I can finally check myself how it looks from the other side.

Newbie thoughts about Cygnar options:


I don’t see many gaps here currently. Cygnar has all the caster types I can imagine – aggressive, defensive, supporting, CK-capable, melee-oriented, ranged-oriented, infantry, warjacks – you name it. There are better and worse casters of course but the choice is impressive anyway.

I prefer mixed lists, but I will try some type of gunlines for sure as well.


Good ranged heavies, great light jacks. Basic Arm18-19 melee jacks (Ironclad, Hammersmith) could be cheaper or better supported.

Colossals are both good. Stormwall was once the best duplo-scale model on the field, but now it would be nice if they had slight point reduction (37?) to be more in-line with the new releases and the cost reductions PP started to throw at other factions lately.


Cygnar infantry is generally neglected by the players (with Trenchers exception) and sadly PP seems to do everything to stop people from playing light infantry at all (buckets of sprays and blasts on Battle Engines, threshers, berserks/overtakes etc. – plenty of ways to remove whole units in one go). But for me Cygnar infantry is still very good. Stormblades and stormguard with proper caster feel like playing “banez with gunz” – I already played a few games with melee oriented knight list and will surely play many more. Storm division is much more than Nemo3 and lightning bolts! They could use some more speed, but you can’t have everything I guess.

Cygnar Heavy Cavalry power was reduced but they are still one of the best heavy cavalries. After playing Khador I like permanent reach & pow 14 very much.

Blazers are great shooters but could use some stats upgrade – because def14 Arm13 is not good in the pricy unit (they just die like 5 medium infantry guys). Other than that, they are one of the top light cavalries.


List dependent. Most theme forces have good solo models.


Storm Striders are still great because of free boosting, although they start to look obsolete comparing to the new engine releases. If they were released today I bet they would have a cost of 16, melee pow16 and over 30 boxes, don’t you think? Anyway they are still great for both Storm Division and Heavy Metal themes.

The bunker is a model meant for Grave Diggers. I don’t plan to play Trenchers and I am not a fan of structures in the tabletop games (kind of boring idea…), but very low cost probably makes it an auto-include with the Trenchers.

Ok that’s it for the introduction. Please expect my first battle report soon!

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