Hi all,
this battle report was from friendly game, I was play against my good pal Petero 🙂


Skorne Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Imperial Warhost

[Jalaam 1] Primus Jalaam [+28]
– Agonizer [0(6)]
– Aradus Sentinel [16]
– Basilisk Krea [0(7)]
– Cyclops Raider [9]
– Cyclops Raider [9]
– Cyclops Shaman [8]
Tyrant Zaadesh [4]
– Aradus Sentinel [16]
– Basilisk Krea [0(7)]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max) [7]
Siege Animantarax [17]
Siege Animantarax [17]

It was little test for me before tournament in next weekend.
Petero plays Legion, his warlock was Thagrosh2. In list he have: Typhon, Protector, Seraph, Neraph, 2x Angelius, 2x Hellions, shepherd, Forsaken, Ice Witches,
He won roll, and decide do goes first.


Petero put Thag in the middle, fast Angeliuses on flanks, and rest in right places.

I put Jalaam in the middle, Krea close to Jalaam and Animataraxes, Both BE on a sides. Zaadesh on a flag. Bugs with AD it that place where they can make on target good options.
I choose Typhon as a prey for Jalaam.

1st Round

My opponent run for position to make attack in next turn. Both Angeliuses was out of my LoS, only Neraph was in range but has cover.

I move models forward, Jalaam shoot on Neraph, I cast Vanish and Snipe, and aim, I hit and make good damage for him, next I cast Dead Eye on Sentinel and Feat(1 dice less on hit in my models in Control Range). Aradus shoots and make very good damage, only spirit left. And thanks to Jalaam he had Grievous Wounds. 2nd Aradus goes and shoot on Neraph but deviation was wrong. It was mistake because I shouldn’t do that because I lost this Aradus in next turn for free.

2nd Round

Petero charge me with all what he can, thanks to Krea and Feat he don’t want to shoot at me. Thag cast Manifest Destiny and Feat. Angel charge BE, and do amazing amount of Damage, Animantaax left on 12 boxes. Typhon kills Aradus. Hellions moves to negate my shooting.

I focus to kill 4 models in that turn, I fill this plan in 75%, My target was: Typhom, 2 Hellions and Angelius.
First Animantarax fight with Angelius, make some good damage, Helions was killed thanks to Jalaam and Rider. Shamane cast snipe and kill solo who goes to score the flag.
Animantarax and Sentinel kills Typhon, but unfortunately I left Angel on 1 box. Jalaam choose unhurt Angel as a prey.
I score 2, my opponent 1.

Score 2-1

3rd Round

Petero finish off Animantarax, and Kills one of my Rider, and make good damage to Shaman. Seraph kills Krea. Contest zone and flag and score 2 points.

I decide to continue my game on Scenario, So first Zaadesh kills Shepherd with a spell, Shaman moves out of melee from Angel and he missed, So shaman shoots and make some damage. Next Jalaam aim and shoots twice, make good amount of Damage, Agonizer charge Angelius who fights with my BE, and use his animus to push him 3″. Sentinel charge Angel and kills him and Forsaken. Rider moves and finish Angelius in my zone. Animantarax moves and kills Seraph and repo to zone. Krea moves to contest flag. I Score 2 points. Jalaam was out of Thag range, and have fury. Jalaam choose protector as a prey

Score 4-3

4th Round

Petero moves with protector and Kills Krea, Thag kills Sentinel and Rider, and stay in the middle of zone. He not score any points.

A need score 4 points to win. So Animantarax kills all Ice Witches and shoots on protector and make some damage, Zaadesh just keep the flag, Jalaam and Shaman shots on Protector and left him on 4 boxe, Jalaam still is out of Thag range. 4 Paingivers charge in a back of Protector, deals 4 dam thanks to Anatomical Precision. I Score 4 points and win this game.

Score 8-3

– Jalaam is nice warlock, good spell list, and amazing feat.
– I not use whole options, with Bugs animus and feat it can be much better
– I shouldn’t lose Aradus for free
– I think that I have control on game from 2nd my turn
– After CID Aradus will be not so good option in Jalaam list

Most of Widgets was from QualiGeeks

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