Ravens of War – MK4 Legion of Everblight

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Cropped PP art on front page of one of the forcebooks, I miss them a lot!
It’s Lylyth1, Kryssa1 and… Vayl2, thus the arrow with the caption, as it should be Vayl1 instead πŸ˜‰

Legion of Everblight has finally received a second army – Ravens of War. Although it looks a little bit different from what it used to be in previous editions, I am excited to go through every model that was just released and highlight the changes.

When comparing MK4 models and abilities with MK3 iterations, we have to keep in mind few things as some rules changed between the editions. For instance, out-of-activation movement on units is much stronger than it used to be. It was generally limited in MK4 and is now something uncommon. Units don’t take buffs as well as they did before (since a number of models in units lowered) and UAs support much smaller units. There are no free solos in theme forces, you have to pay for every model you take. Also, the point cost of models reduced generally across the armies. Keep that in mind while going through all those models with me.

All Ravens of War nyss models are now immune to cold! That is quite big, especially in certain match ups. Unfortunately, Golab, Forsakens, Striders(!) and Hellmouths (and few models more) are not available anymore. There is no bonus for army selection in MK4 either.

Oh, and one final remark… I didn’t expect Ravens of War to include some of the models that are listed below, did you? πŸ˜›

The screen shots came from Warmachine App made by PP.

First, let me go through warlocks (leaders).

Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight

Kryssa changed a lot during MK3 and now she changed yet again. She has lost spells that were defining her in a way, and she gained some other instead. First things first.

She is not providing tough within 9″ anymore. She also lost Set Defense, but I don’t think it will have a huge impact on her play-style. Obviously, the first game I loose with Kryssa is going to be caused by this change! On the other hand, she gained Defense Formation for Battle group models – that is +2ARM if you are b2b with another cohort model. It’s a nice compensation for loosing a theme force Unyielding bonus. Also, friendly Nyss Legionnaires models gained Focused Strike (in the army, there is no range clause) that allows you to chose column or branch when you’re attacking a warbeast or a warjack.

Her feat didn’t change apart from just being adjusted to MK4 wording, so let’s get to spells now! She kept Howling flames and Cloak of Ash. I’m quite saddened that she lost no less than 3 spells! I’m fine with losing Tactical Supremacy, as this spell would be overwhelming in MK4 world. Unfortunately, she also lost Energizer and Ignite. That reduced her warbeasts’ threat range significantly. What’s more, she doesn’t really help with ARM cracking apart from her feat now, what feels bad at first glance. On the other hand, losing Ignite might hurt a little, but keep in mind that units’ size decreased, so fewer models would benefit from it anyway.

She gained Dash, that gives +1SPD to all warrior models activating in her control range. She also lost 1 SPD (from 6″ to 5″), so Dash helps a little. It is OK if you are taking multiple units with her (more attacks, better use from her feat too). She also gained recently nerfed Hallowed Avenger (it is triggered whenever something dies within 5″, not 10″ anymore). It might help a little with losing Energizer.

It was her units threat range that used to be an issue, now it is the other way around. Taking the new unit’s movement into consideration it might turn out for the better after all.

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (Scout)

I probably will surprise you (or not) but I need to tell you that I like Lylyth changes the most.

She lost Synergistic Magic (getting power tokens for killing something and using it to upkeep spells), but she gained 1FUR instead! Also, she gained +1RAT! She truly has evolved πŸ˜‰ She got Reposition [3″] now (thanks Dan)! She also gained Field Marshal [Prowl] for her cohort models, what combined with newly acquired Fog of War makes her army quite well protected from casual shooting.

Her feat stayed the same, so let’s continue with her spell list. She kept Eruption of Spines, Parasite and Pursuit. She gained Fog of War what will significantly increase her army’s survivability. A change that affects her directly that I will talk later on, is Far Strike Snipe bonus being reduced from +4 to +3RNG.

Lylyth(1) is improved for sure. She wasn’t that popular in previous edition, but this time I believe she will find her niche among other 2 warlocks in this army.

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight

One of my favourite warlocks in the late MK3 is finally coming back to the game.

One of the biggest changes is gaining Field Marshal [Shield Guard] on her Cohort models (for now it says just warjacks lol)! This could change so many match ups in Legion’s favour! On the other hand, she lost Talion (transferring damage to enemy warbeast) and Dark Sentinel attack is no longer fully boosted.

Her feat took a notable blow – it does affect only friendly non-trooper models (models that are not units) in her control area! I could only imagine how powerful would that be if units were affected, so I am totally fine with that change.

If it comes to her spell list she lost Malice, but gained Icy Grip and Frostbite instead. Leash changed to Tether, but it needs some correction, as at the moment it affects only target horror model πŸ˜› Incite works within 10″ only (as opposed to 12″ in MK3).

In general, I believe Vayl stayed more or less the same. Feat doesn’t affect units, but that’s understandable. I love the addition of Shield Guard on her cohort models, though! However, the thing that concerns me the most is that majority of the models I used to take with her are not available in the army list! That would require a slight rebuild of the ideas I have in my head, but it will improve with every list built and played, right? πŸ˜‰


I will cover warbeast that are exclusive for this army, I think most of Legion players are already quite familiar with how Angelius or Seraph changed between editions πŸ˜‰ if you would like me to include the rest of the warbeasts too, please let me know.


Honestly, I never had this model, so my experience here is purely theoretical, but there was a reason I didn’t have this model. He is a fun one to play for sure. The idea of planting an Incubus with a sting inside the enemy model is somewhat… poignant? – fun – was the word I was looking for.

It went down a point, but lost Overtake and -1POW, so I’d say it is a downgrade in respect to MK3.


I didn’t expect Azrael in this army, but together with so many Nyss and Kryssa it somehow makes sense to have him here.

He went down in points, again! And he just got better! Not only he finally got his second melee attack (!!!), and has dual attack, he also has Far Strike animus now! What’s more, Azrael is the only durable heavy warbeast in this theme force, so you’ll be seeing him a lot probably. He is in my top3 changes in Ravens of War!

Nephlim Bloodseer

One of few models that come to my mind that actually went up in points (+1) in MK4 Ravens. However I see why. He is now an arc node with Telemetry within 8″. He kept all the other rules the same way, apart from that he can use an animus of a friendly warbeast within 5″, not 6″ as it was before. I can imagine combining him with Protector’s Spiny Growth and Kryssa’s Defense Formation (+2ARM while b2b with warbeasts) to get a 22 ARM annoying light beast.

Nephlim Bolt Thrower

As said before, Bolt Thrower’s signature animus – Far Strike – is now only +3″, not +4″. It hurts a little, but when you realize his Ballista’s range increased from 10″ to 12″ then you will smile a little as I just did πŸ˜‰ He went down in points (-1), lost Quickdraw, but got Dual Attack instead. I definitely like its MK4 version.

Nephlim Protector

He is here to protect, and protect your warlock with Spiny Growth he will! One of our favourite animus is included in this army (there’s no Carnivean here, right?). He also went 1 point down.

Nephlim Soldier

Another Nephlim that went up a point in MK4, but there is a reason for that. He has now POW15 melee attack, finally! Before it was just the charge attack. Nephlim Soldier, with combination of some damage buffs, can finally do some harm. Apart from that, the rest of the rules stayed the same. I like it, but it needs some support to be a reliable damage dealer. Parasite, Dark Shroud, Kiss of Lyliss anyone? I would love to max out their FA in Kryssa list for example.


Those were the beasts, so let’s get now to the solos πŸ˜‰


Well, this attachment stayed exactly the same. The only thing missing here is… his arcane attack skill, but I’m sure PP just skipped that and will add it later on. Remember that leaders’ attachments are now part of the battle group! For instance Succubus will benefit from Defense Formation with Kryssa πŸ˜‰

Annyssa Ryvaal

Annyssa didn’t change much from previous edition. She has Unstoppable, gunfighter and dual attack. She provides +1 to hit for Raptors within 10″ (not 9″ as it used to be), what is certainly an improvement πŸ˜‰ She kept her abilities while going down a point, what’s not to like. You’ll be probably taking her with Raptors anyway, maybe with two units? πŸ˜‰

Beast Mistress

I was never really fond of this model. Beast Mistress lost Flank and went up a point. I have no idea how to properly use her abilities as for now, maybe you do?

Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion

Oh my… have you read her card? Read again!

She gained Dark Shroud! With Unstoppable and Reposition [3″] she is an amazing damage buff deliverer! She also went down a point while keeping most of her rules intact! She is my Top3 if not Top1 change in Ravens in MK4.

Sorceress & Hellion lost Blight Storm ability – when you used to put 5″ AOE and whenever an enemy model was directly hit and the dmg roll failed to exceed ARM you dealt 1 dmg anyway. However, getting Dark Shroud compensates that change fully in most games. Oh, and a slight nerf in her anti-shooting ability – it’s within 6″, not 8″ now. There will be at least one in every list for sure! Reducing ARM on anything within 13″ is priceless! When you add movement bonuses it only gets better!

Blighted Nyss Warlord

I love Nyss Warlord model, so I happily found out that he wasn’t nerfed at all. He gives Blade Shield as a Leadership bonus to Nyss Swordsmen models within 10″, so I assume he will be more popular now πŸ˜‰ not only as a strong damage dealer, but also a support piece.

Craelix, Fang of Everblight

Another great solo that stayed more or less the same way. First, Blight Spasm can damage a single model within 1″ of the model boxed with a POW10 corrosion blast damage roll. This change is surely caused by new units’ movement. He also lost blessed on Longbow (thanks Ryan!), which is quite unfortunate. You can still take a command card, though πŸ˜‰ Craelix also gained reposition [3″] and lost Sac pawn that I haven’t noticed at first (thanks Dan). Slight nerfs here and little buffs there didn’t change his role and I believe he will see the table quite often.


They kept their FA, you just have to pay more effectively, as they are a point per one piece. This is quite costly, but why not to take one or two when you have points for them?

Spell Martyr

They do not die anymore after channeling a spell! That’s a great improvement to a cheap solo. Keep in mind that you can run only 11″ with him, so that’s a little drawback.


She is cheaper by 2 points, but it didn’t come at no cost πŸ˜‰ Yssylla has now 7 AAT (-1 magic ability) and lost the ability to cast two spells in one round. Oh, she lost resistance to corrosion too! If it comes to her spells – they all changed. She lost Puppet Master, Shatter Storm and Toxic Blizzard, and instead she got Freezing Mist, Hoarfrost and Marionette. At first glance Marionette seems to be the same as Puppet Master, except it is now exclusively against enemy models. Hoarfrost is a powerful magic attack with AOE2 that can made the target stationary. Freezing Mist is a cloud effect (I assume it is 3″) that you can place anywhere within 8″ from Yssylla. It gives -2 to hit to living enemy models without cold resistance while within it. For 3 points she is a cool annoying stealth solo, that can occasionally cast a spell here and there. She is not a model you will take in every list though πŸ˜‰


I didn’t expect most of the units to see in this army. Does it really bother me? Not at all, I’m more than happy to be able to play with those units again πŸ˜› and it somehow makes sense to include more Nyss models in this army. What surprised me a little, when compared to Cygnar First Army for example, is that max FA for Nyss units here is 2, when Trenchers are FA: 4.

Blackfrost Shard

BFS apart from going 3 points down (!) they stayed the same. With all the damage and accuracy buffs present in this army they will find their place for sure! Also, they will benefit from unit movement to extend Kiss’s threat range. I cannot wait to play them!

Blighted Nyss Archers

One important thing that changed between editions and will have an impact on Archers is that Arcing Fire is ignoring all intervening models, not only those more than 1″ away from the target. That means you cannot hide behind the models from them, but taking size of the unit into consideration, it is not that scary any more… Or is it? πŸ˜‰ Oh, and they got +1 RAT, but they lost reposition. They used to cost 8/13, now it’s 6 points. I need to grab 2 units for myself!

Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters

They lost Apparition (at first I thought I disappeared from the game entirely, but I was wrong πŸ˜‰ it’s still present in CoC, Cryx, Ret to name few examples). They lost Stealth and got Prowl instead, but with Lylyth it shouldn’t be a problem. Outside Lylyth builds you will probably want them to stay in a cloud or forest, otherwise they will drop to artillery and other AOE attacks like flies. Their melee range is now 1″ what will make getting into combat easier. They cost 7 points now, as opposed to 9/15 earlier.

Blighted Nyss Legionnaires

Why did they lose 1 SPD? Maybe it was a way to balance Vengeance movement in MK4 ruleset? They also lost Battle-Driven, what is quite unfortunate. On the other hand, their POW increased by 2 to POW 12, so I’d say they just lost a little in terms of survivability. Lack of Pathfinder also hurt a little. I guess you’ll be taking Careful Reconnaissance anyway while playing Ravens of War, as there are no ways of giving it to infantry. They used to cost 8/13 in the past and it’s 6 points now. I liked them a lot with Kryssa and Ignite, now they won’t hit that hard though.

Blighted Nyss Raptors

Cavalry, especially the light one, gained the most from new unit movement. Reposition 5″ is exceptionally good in MK4! They are Unstoppable and they have Dual attack too! With Seraph’s ability to speed up units as well, they can be anywhere they want to, really! I cannot wait to move around the table with two units! Their melee range also increased to 2″! They kept the same price and stayed 9 points for 3 models.

Blighted Nyss Scather Crew

That’s another model/unit I never had, but now they seem to be more attractive? In general, I think that artillery in MK4 is more effective. They move like all units do in MK4, so it’s easier to get in range of the desirable target. There is no minimal engagement range for Scather Catapult, but they lost Scather effect… is it still a Scather Crew? Their ranged attack also got continuous corrosion effect and it’s AOE 3 πŸ˜‰ They kept the same price. I want to try them out!

Blighted Nyss Swordsmen

They lost Blade Shield, but as said before, Nyss Warlord has it covered for them. They used to cost 9/15, now they’re just 6 points. Unfortunately, they are just FA:2. Otherwise, I’d take 4 units in bigger games for sure!

Ice Witches

They went down a point and kept their abilities. The only difference is that Puppet Master is now friendly only and RNG 6″. With new unit movement it is not that big of a difference. I will certainly field one unit now and then.

Command Attachments

Now let’s go to command attachments that make units even more interesting.

Bayal, Hound of Everblight

Bayal went down 2 points, but it is quite reasonable, since he can support only one unit now. He lost Apparition, but kept all the other abilities. Advance Deployment is now only 3″.

Blighted Nyss Archer Officer & Ammo Porter

They used to cost 5 points, now it’s only 3. They kept Combined Arms (rerolls for missed ranged combined attacks), but lost Reposition. Ammo porter kept Ready Ammo rule.

Captain Farilor & Standard

They went down 1 point. Farilor now has Granted: Tough, but lost the once per game Defensive Line ability. What’s interesting, the banner now got two special rules: Granted: Inspiration (+1 to hit) and Granted: Rise, so you will probably want to keep him alive. They lost Battle-driven as al Legionnaires did, but Farilor gained +2 POW. They can support only one unit now, but I will give them a chance, 3 points is not a lot.

Blighted Nyss Swordsman Abbot & Champion

No prayers for Swordsman anymore! That’s a pitty, as Pathfinder or magical attacks would be very useful. On the other hand, you can now take a command card that would grant Pathfinder to the wole unit, or Magical attacks to a single model, but it’s not the same. The Champion lost Countercharge (as it disappeared from MK4 entirely), but in return the UA received 3 Granted effects! Abbot received Granted: Cleave and Granted: Overtake, the Champion now has Granted: Defensive Strike to the whole unit! With Mat 7 and POW 11 on the whole unit it is not irrelevant! They also went down 2 points. I will try them out and see how they work with 5 trooper unit. Getting 2 additional models in a unit means they will receive buffs better than other units πŸ˜‰

General thoughts

The choice of models in the army is surprising, it feels like a Nyss part of Child of the Dragon was blended with mobility of Ravens of War. That being said, I didn’t expect to see Kryssa here or some of the Nyss units, but I am happy to be able to finally play them again, so that’s fair I guess.

Sadly, there is no Forsaken, so you would probably need to take a Shepherd or two (they were not present in RoW before) in your lists.

I like all warlocks present in the army. I wasn’t a big fan of Lylyth1, but now after the slight changes (and lack of any other competition lol) I will definitely play her.

I like the idea of a Nephlim based army with Kryssa, and I think it will be the first list I will try. I’d love to try Lylyth with ranged warbeasts and Raptors! Vayl will suffer a little from a limited selection of warbeasts, but that’s how it is now. She is still a strong warlock and will have her well deserved place among other 2 warlocks in Ravens.

I have an impression that some of the abilities were flattened or let’s say – simplified (like Swordsmen UA) and limited selection of warbeasts will be unpleasant at first, but we will get over it quickly. In general, I feel it is definitely a strong army with interesting interactions and combos. I am quite happy with how it turned out πŸ˜‰ at least on paper!

I’m pretty sure I didn’t catch every single change to the models, so please let me know if you find anything πŸ˜‰

I am really curious what are your impressions? How do you feel about the blend? Are you happy with the way this army developed?

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  1. Love this article. Would love to see reviews for other factions you are familiar with if possible

    1. It surprised me how well received this post was, so I might actually give it another shot with Cygnar for example. I was also thinking about doing that for every new army released from now on. We will see if life will interfere or not haha thanks for your feedback!

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