Let’s start with… ?


As most of you already know, I changed faction from PoM to Mercenaries.
Before battle reports, I will start to describe models, that I chose to the list.
I promised myself, that I would start reporting only when I paint a whole roster.
Ok.. but from what list should I start my Mercenaries adventure?
I had no idea, so I decided to randomly pick a caster and start painting models for his list.
And.. I drew General Ossrum.
Not bad, but a little bit “too popular”.
So, now I have no choice, but to start gluing and painting models.
I will tell you in secret, that I have a plan to convert (just a little) all possible models.
I hope it will go well..
As soon as I finish model/unit, I’ll post photo of it + info why I chose these models to my list.

Wish me luck! 😊

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