Maddox1 vs Doomshaper2 – Cygnar strikes back

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Some time ago I played a Brawlmachine game with my friend, Mateusz. Our first game we played was back in 2008, a lot has changed since then! We have changed and the game has changed a lot too! But one thing remained the same – we both played the same armies – Trollbloods versus Cygnar – a long lasting conflict! This time we decided to play a 35p game.

Mateusz’s Doomshaper2 list:

[Theme] Power of Dhunia

[Doomshaper 2] Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia [+27]
– Dire Troll Mauler [15]
– Mulg the Ancient [20]
– Troll Axer [9]
– Trollkin Runebearer [5]
Feralgeist [2]
Troll Whelps [1]
Dhunian Knot [0(6)]
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (max) [7]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

My Maddox1 list:

[Theme] Storm Division

[Maddox 1] Major Beth Maddox [+30]
– Defender [14]
– Stormclad [17]
Death Archon [8]
Savio Montero Acosta [0(6)]
Stormblade Captain [4]
Stormsmith Stormcaller [1]
Storm Lances (min) [12]
Stormblade Infantry [9]

We played Orbits.


I believe Mateusz won his roll and picked a side, so I got to go first.

I deployed my cavalry on the right, to go around the acid lake. Acosta and Defender were deployed close to Storm Lances. Maddox, a Storm smith and Storm blades were deployed centrally. Stormclad was facing the rectangular zone together with Stormblade Captain. Death Archon was deployed behind a forest, to simply fly over it in the next turn.

Mateusz deployed Doomshaper, together with Stone Scribes, in the center. Axer and Mauler were facing the rectangular zone on the left. Mulg was deployed on the right flank, together with Dhunian Knot (proxied by Fennblades) and a cool Minicrate Feralgeist.


Round 1 Turn 1

Maddox has 4 upkeeps, and she wants all of them in the game. One might think that she does nothing else but upkeeping her speels, but the addition of Resourceful to her card changed a lot (it’s not that recent anymore, but I had to mention it). Now she can easily keep all her spells in the game and still have plenty focus points to spare. I cast all the upkeeps targeting battle group first, as she can upkeep them for free, I was going to cast Dauntless Resolve on Storm Lances the next round. Stormclad ran forward (without extension from Assail, as it grants +2″ of movement only while charging or making slam or trample power attack). Storm Lances ran far forward on the right flank. Death Archon flew over the forest. Defender also ran forward with Snipe on. Stormblades tried to fit in between all the models in the tight corridor in the middle.

Round 1 Turn 1

Round 1 Turn 2

Doomshaper cast wild Aggression on one of his beasts. Everything moved forward, Dhunian Knot ran into the forest on the right. Feralgeist took a strategic position behind the house. Sadly, this photo of a sneaky Feralgeist is the only one from Trollbloods’ first turn.

peek a boo

Round 2 Turn 1

I started with simple things first. Storm Lances repositioned in the circular zone to be outside of charging threat ranges. Defender shot Mauler and dealt some damage. Targeting Mulg wouldn’t be the best idea, as he has Primal Rage, what would allow him to get closer to me. After a while I decided to throw Stormclad under the bus and prepare a counter attack with my second line. Stormclad toed the rectangular zone, in front of Mauler, what could go wrong? πŸ˜‰ Death Archon together with Stormblades were waiting for their turn. Maddox cast Dauntles Resolve on Lances.

Round 2 Turn 1

Round 2 Turn 2

Mateusz decided to go all in this turn. Doomshaper feated. Mauler, with Rage, charged and demolished my poor Stormclad. Axer ran faaar forward to engage Stormblades and block the counter attack I planned. Mulg also ran forward and engaged Defender and Storm Lances, why not? Mateusz scored 2 points, his flag and the rectangular zone. 2:0 lead that early was something I had to respect.

Round 2 Turn 2

Round 3 Turn 1

All the warbeasts were served on a plate in front of my army, so I had to figure out a smart way of dealing with them, otherwise you can imagine how would that end. First, Maddox feated, that was a perfect moment. Defender repositioned to make space space for cavalry and loaded with focus started punching Mulg. I hit Mulg and dealt serious damage, but Mulg (thanks to Primal Rage) hit Defender back and wrecked his hammer hand lol Mateusz regretted not casting Puppet Master on Mulg the previous turn, as he was aiming for a critical smite. With his hammer hand crippled Defender still managed to hit the rest of his attacks dealing some damage with 1 die and P+S 20. Storm Lances charged the wounded beast and finished it. One of the members of the unit repositioned to contest the flag. Storm smith tried to hit Feralgeist but missed it, for now πŸ˜‰ Stormblade Captain and Acosta charged Axer and thanks to Maddox’s feat killed him right there. Death Archon charged Mauler, and Stormblades’ follow up finished him. A whelp died miserably to Death Archon’s second attack. I scored a point on my flag, 1:2. What a turn!

Round 3 Turn 1

Round 3 Turn 2

At this point the game was basically over (attrition wise), as Trollbloods had nothing left to strike back. However, I had only 2 minutes left, so I still could loose that game. Stone Scribes ran to the rectangular zone and spread as much as they could. Feralgeist kept contesting the other zone. Dhunian Knot killed the contesting Storm Lance and Doomshaper scored the flag. We both scored our flags 2:3 (I marked a point after taking the photo).

Round 3 Turn 2
Round 3 Turn 2

Round 4 Turn 1

I had few models left to kill, so I started with Death Archon casually removing all Stone Scribes but one in the distant corner. Storm smith finally killed Feralgeist, yeeey! Defender ran to contest the enemy flag. Storm Lances charged and killed Dhunian Knot. Now it was all on a couple of Stormblades. They had to kill the last model in the rectangular zone, and they did, I scored 3 more points, 5:3. With only 3 models left, Mateusz decided to concede, as the attrition advantage I had was too big, and he couldn’t win on scenario. With 6 seconds left I could simply do nothing and switch the clock over to him and probably win on scenario.

Round 4 Turn 1


Mateusz put all his chances on one card. If only he would have something left in the back, Axer for example, that game might have looked differently. Axer could stay behind Mauler, outside my charge range. This way he would be able to kill most of the models that would charge Mauler and with only 2 minutes left on the clock I might have issues with dealing with him.

Recent changes made Storm Division really tempting, especially in Brawlmachine, where every point matters and a lot is expected from every single model. Stormblades, with just a slight help, change into beasts. Threat extender and a defensive buff is what they needed. Maddox, apart from that, can increase their damage potential, let them charge through rough terrain and even increase their survivability. I enjoyed playing that list a lot.

Oh, and Defender now costs only 14 points! He is actually worth considering, even in low point games, how great is it!

On the other hand, how is it possible Death Archon is not restricted in Brawlmachine? His damage output is especially terrifying against living warbeasts. I wanted to see how it works, as that was the first time I used him, and I think I will put him back on the shelf if it comes for Brawlmachine games.

Once again, thank you, Mateusz, for another great game! It was so good to play against you again and I am looking forward for another game!

That was our first game, back in 2008! Oh, and those were the same Storm Lances!


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