Moment of Clarity Podcast – 2nd episode – Polish Team Championship

Hello everyone!

2nd Episode of our Moment of Clarity Podcast is live! Jakub Piekart, Piotr Palacz and our special guest – Bartosz Smarsz – discuss the lists for the upcoming event in Pruszków 9-10 Feb 2019.

Please find the links to the podcast below:



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Pretty even spread of factions and vast variety of warcasters and warlocks is what we have focused on. We also tried to give you a bit of background of the event, since the traditions of this tournament go all the way back to 2008.

You can find the lists here.

You can find all of the graphs that we reffered to during our podcast below.

Keep your fingers crossed this weekend! Cheers!

Please forgive us not using Conflict Chamber.

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