Nemo2 vs Haley3 – Ghostbusters?

Hello everyone!

We are organizing a Brawlmachine tournament on 15.08, with a little twist – it’s going to be 35p instead of regular 25p, with no sideboard.

I was thinking what casters should I take, but I couldn’t decide, so I rolled a die instead. Out of all warcasters (but Haley2) I drew Caine1 and Nemo2 ;p I got what I was asking for – random warcasters. So here we go.

I decided to put Caine1 in Storm Division and the list builds itself quite easily with some points to spare. Nemo2, on the other hand, wasn’t that easy to build. For a moment I even considered him in Gravediggers! My friend, who was getting back to Warmachine after a long hiatus, wanted to play a game, so I decided it might be a good idea to give fun list a go πŸ˜‰

Andrzej decided to take Haley3 in Storm Division. With Incorporeal little Haleys, really high DEF and Revive this list might be very hard to play against. Especially with so little magical attacks and no objective in this scenario!

Andrzej’s Haley3 list:

[Theme] Storm Division

[Haley 3] Major Prime Victoria Haley [+25]
– Stormclad [17]
– Thorn [13]
Lieutenant Gwen Keller [5]
Savio Montero Acosta [0(6)]
Stormblade Captain [4]
Storm Lances (min) [12]
Stormblade Infantry [9]

My Nemo2 list:

[Theme] Gravediggers

[Nemo 2] General Adept Nemo [+26]
– Centurion [16]
– Grenadier [9]
– Hunter [10]
Patrol Dog [2]
Trench Buster [0(5)]
Trencher Commandos (min) [10]
– Trencher Commando Officer [4]
– Trencher Commando Scattergunner (1) [2]
Trencher Express Team [5]
– Captain Karli [3]

My idea here was to hold one side with Centurion, the other contest with Express Team and push Commandos in the center, hoping that I will be able to kill everything corporeal, before Haleys get to kill all my models. I also was curious how Karli performs. It’s only one additional shot per game, so taking Master Gunner might have been a better idea, but it was easier to squeeze 3p. Oh, and I never played her, so why not to try at least once?

The only magical weapon I had, that could damage little Haleys, was Nemo’s staff. His only offensive magical spell is electrical, and I was facing Storm Division hahaha what could go wrong? πŸ˜€

We played Binary.


My friend won a roll, so I got to pick a side.

Enemy Cygnar deployed Storm Lances on the right flank. Acosta, Stormclad and Stormblade Captain took the left and Haley3 with the rest took the center.

Most of my forces was advance deployed. I deployed Buster close to Nemo in the center. Centurion took the right flank, Hunter was facing Stormclad on the left. Trencher Commandos were deployed together with Grenadier on the right. Express Team took position close to the tank, on the left.


Round 1 Turn 1

Cygnar advanced, most of the models were outside of my threat ranges. Haley summoned her past and future self and cast Temporal Distortion. Stormclad ran forward, outside of my shooting.

Round 1 Turn 1

Round 1 Turn 2

Nemo cast Energizer and Fail Safe on Centurion. Commandos ran forward. Grenadier advanced, and missed all his attacks. Centurion and Buster ran forward. Patrol Dog sit and guarded the flag, good boy. Hunter, together with Express Team, managed to kill only one Stormblade. Def 17 against shooting is a thing!

Round 1 Turn 2
“Evil” Cygnar perspective

Round 2 Turn 1

Stormblades, with Desperate Pace from SB Cap, charged my Grenadier and Commandos. One guy died, Grenadier got his melee weapon crippled. Stormclad ran forward. Acosta walked up to be B2B with the flag. Thorn stayed a back a little. Storm Lances assaulted my dog, but missed the attacks.

Round 2 Turn 1

Round 2 Turn 2

There were plenty of various options, but I had to “unpack” my models and sort out the correct order of activation. I started with Commandos, who with Anatomical Precision and relatively high MAT managed to kill all the Stormblades that were jamming me and were outsie of Haley’s +2DEF bubble. Nemo cast Energizer, Lightning Shroud on Centurion and used his feat fueling his jacks with focus. Grenadier killed one of Storm Lances and missed Thorn. Centurion charged, killed remaining two Lances and used his imprint. He could’t be charged from his front arc. It’s not an issue for a caster with Domination, though. Express Team aimed and critically hit (!) Acosta killing him right away, what a lucky shot! Karli killed the last contesting Stormblace. Hunter shot Stormclad, since Acosta was no longer in sight. I scored 2 points and achieved significant attrition lead. However, against unkillable incorporeal Haleys it could be irrelevant. 2:0 to my advantage.

Round 2 Turn 2

Round 3 Turn 1

Haley used her feat and dominated Centurion and cast Repudiate removing Lightning Shroud and dealing 3 damage to Nemo. Future Haley revived two Stormblades who contested my flag. Past Haley walked into the left circular zone to contest it and killed both gunner and spotter from Express Team. Stormblade Captain ran to the flag. The one Stormblade that survived last turn charged Grenadier and left him on 3 boxes with Cortex and his gun functional! Gwen charged Centurion and dealt some damage. Stormclad charged Centurion from the back and missed his charge attack roll! That resulted in Centurion miraculously surviving this turn! He had his Cortex crippled though. Thorn stayed in the back again. Andrzej scored one point, 2:1 to my advantage.

Andrzej preparing his charge on Centurion
Round 3 Turn 1

Round 3 Turn 2

The only thing I could score was my flag. The lack of magical weapons hurt a lot! Commando Officer used his Minifeat and I decided that they will get +2/+2 against Stormclad. They walked up and engaged Stormblades. By killing them one by one I could profit from Quick Work rule provided by the Officer maximizing their damage output this way. I used their ranged attacks to hit and severely damage the heavy jack. He was in melee and had +2 DEF thanks to Temporal Distortion. I had RAT 9 and most of the Commandos were in jack’s back arc, so I needed 7s to hit. POW 14 meant I was damaging Stormclad on dice off 4. One of Commandos repositioned into melee with Stormclad and Buster charged in. Centurion with his spear attack finished that poor boy. I missed Gwen with the second attack. Hunter moved away from Past Haley and killed Captain on the flag. I scored one point, 3:1.

Round 3 Turn 2

Round 4 Turn 1

At this point Andrzej couldn’t do much. What’s more, Thorn and Gwen failed to kill my Centurion, he survived on 1hp! Nothing was able to contest my flag so I scored one more point, 4:1.

Round 4 Turn 1

Round 4 Turn 2

Nemo walked up and cast Fail Safe on Centurion, who couldn’t kill Gwen. At this point we decided it was enough, as Patrol Dog was scoring another point on my flag and I gained a 4 point advantage.

Round 4 Turn 2


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Hah, what a game of luck! Killing Acosta on the flag was crucial from my perspective. Denying that point on the flag was important, otherwise enemy Cygnar could easily outscore me. Fail Safe is useful, especially when your opponent leaves your warjacks on a couple of boxes left. I am also really satisfied with Commandos! Oh, those boys can do damage! I think that was the first time I used Quick Work to such extent. killing remaining Stormblades AND severely damaging a heavy warjack? Yes, please. However, I should remember to cast Polarity Shield somewhere. Karli didn’t manage to use her minifeat before the rest of her unit members died, so she could give additional shot only to herself. I need more games with her to see how she performs. In such low format I’d rather take something else I think. Fortunately, I had exactly 3p left, so I fit her in the list πŸ˜‰ I like the model and the concept too. She is one of few RQ models that actually fit visually to the army.

Thank you Andrzej for the game once again! I really enjoyed the game and I hope you too! I’m happy you’re getting back. It’s cool to have a fellow Cygnar player in the neighborhood πŸ˜‰

I’m working on unpainted models, so wish me luck I finish them before the tournament!


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