Nemo2 vs Harbinger1 – Flanking Centurion

Hello everyone!

As a part of my preparation for the 35p tournament, where I selected my casters randomly and had to find a playable list, I played two more games against Protectorate this time πŸ˜‰ The first game that day was against Harbinger. We played at my place, so I could use all 3D terrain I had. I ordered artificial snow to cover the trees to fit the winter theme of the table, but it arrived the next day.

Bartek’s Harbinger1 list:

[Theme] Exemplar Interdiction

[Harbinger 1] The Harbinger of Menoth [+27]
– Devout [9]
– Repenter [8]
– Revenger [10]
High Exemplar Gravus [8]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
Vassal Mechanik [1]
Exemplar Cinerators (max) [13]
– Exemplar Cinerator Officer [0(5)]
Knights Exemplar [9]

My Nemo2 list:

[Theme] Heavy Metal

[Nemo 2] General Adept Nemo [+26]
– Centurion [16]
– Dynamo [18]
Glyn Cormier, Illuminated One [0(5)]
Journeyman Warcaster [4]
– Firefly [8]
Field Mechaniks (min) [3]
– Morrowan Battle Priest (1) [2]
Order of Illumination Vigilants (max) [10]

We played Ignition II.


Bartek won the roll and decided to go first. He deployed Devout and Harby closer to the right edge of the table. Knights were put in the center, heavy infantry with light warjacks on the left.

I deployed Centurion closer to the right edge, with an intention to score/contest the rectangular zone. Junior and Firefly also were put closer to that side. Nemo was deployed in the center, together with mechanics and Dynamo. I advance deployed Vigilants and Glynn in the middle.


Round 1 Turn 1

Everything ran forward, outside of my shooting range, that’s pretty much all about Bartek’s first turn.

Round 1 Turn 1

Round 1 Turn 2

In my turn, Nemo cast fail Safe on Dynamo and Polarity Shield on Vigilants. Junior cast Arcane Shield on Centurion and everything just ran forward. I kept in mind that Harby has Purification, but why not to force her to cast it? I tried to keep everything outside of charge range, including Crusader’s Call.

Round 1 Turn 2

Round 2 Turn 1

Bartek decided to feat, to prevent me from doing anything substantial with my infantry basically. Cinerators ordered a Shield Wall and repositioned even closer to me. Knights took positions behind the protective wall of bodies. Harby walked up, cast Purification and used her feat. Devout stayed outside of 2″ from Harby, to prevent Dynamo from killing her, but within 3″ to be a useful shield guard. Revenger ran into the rectangular zone, Repenter following close behind him.

Round 2 Turn 1

Round 2 Turn 2

I was trying to find a way to engage for a couple of minutes and decided for the following. Firefly moved in, within 5″ from Cinerators, and missed his shot at Repenter obviously, but that wasn’t a part of my plan. I wanted to kill few Knights without triggering their Battle Driven rule. Dynamo changed position in a way not to get damage from Harby’s feat and opened fire to Cinerators, killing two, and leaving the third one on 1hp. Nemo was slightly too far from Revenger to shoot him and move away with Energizer, so instead I activated Centurion first. He slammed Revenger 3″ away, but somehow I manage to cripple his shield, so I wasn’t pushed 1″ back and I wanted to be pushed away πŸ™ Centurion used his imprint that prevents being charged form his front arc. Nemo then cast Energizer to move the heavy warjack 2″ back. I didn’t go for scoring the leftmost flag, as the only solo I had there was Junior, and I didn’t want to lose him that early. Vigilants moved away from Harby, 2 of them shoot at Cinerators and I managed to deal the last 1 damage to kill the third one, yay! I scored one point, 1:0.

Round 2 Turn 2
Round 2 Turn 2

Round 3 Turn 1

Harby cast Crusader’s Call and Purification once again and walked up. Cinerators charged Dynamo, but only 2 attacks hit and my jack survived with all systems fully functional. Repenter walked up to the zone and opened fire on Centurion dealing some damage. Revenger walked up and jabbed Centurion with his spear in revenge. He tried at least, he missed all 3 of his attacks, that was unlucky. 2 Knights charged my Firefly and the remaining 4 ran forward to charge in next round. Gravus charged and finished Firefly. He repositioned behind the wall.

Round 3 Turn 1

Round 3 Turn 2

Fire went off on Dynamo, so my systems remained functional. Nemo walked closer to Centurion, cast Lightning Shroud on him, missed the contesting mechanic with his shot and cast Energizer to move away to safety. Oh, and he used his feat. Centurion, to my surprise, managed to get rid of both light warjacks. Junior missed the mechanic with his pistol, obviously. Dynamo, loaded with foc, killed all 3 Cinerators. One might have passed tough check, but Battle Priest finished him. Glynn captured the flag on the right. She hit Devout, but failed to damage him, sadly. It ain’t that easy. Vigilants moved forward and killed 2 Knights, provoking Battle Driven and granting 2 souls to Gravus… what for? Bartek decided not to martyrdom, as he wasn’t too happy about getting Harby damaged.

Round 3 Turn 2

Round 4 Turn 1

Harby slightly moved away. Gravus charged Centurion, but only scratched his armor without crippling any system. Knights charged Vigilants and Dynamo. My warjack once again survived! WIth 6hp left this time, his cortex and spear were still on! Devout contested the flag.

Round 4 Turn 2

I started with Glynn trying to damage Devout, but she failed yet again. Nemo walked up, cast Lightning Shroud on Centurion again and killed the mechanic! Centurion dismounted and stabbed Gravus to death. Junior captured the flag and I scored 2 points I needed, 4:0.

Round 4 Turn 2


I created a buymeacoffee profile, where you can support me and contribute to development of this blog by buying me a “coffee”. Funds gathered this way will be used on annual blog maintenance fee and making more 3D terrain πŸ˜‰
If anyone would like to do so, you can follow the link below. You can also leave a private message there. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!

Centurion was definitely a MVP! Not being able to charge a heavy warjack is problematic. Normally, there are ways to go around it, but in such a small game this can change to a real problem. I managed to keep Nemo alive and Centurion just carried me to victory. Also, Dynamo surviving several charges was very lucky.

As predicted, Glynn did **** and couldn’t damage anything ;d but she is a great scarecrow, always threatening to spoil someone’s plans.

For the moment I was happy with the list, although I felt that Vigilants simply didn’t get the job done for the points I paid for them. I will be looking closer to it. In 35p format they might simply not be worth taking.

The next game? Caine vs Malekus!

Thanks, Bartek, for the game!


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