Skarre 3

Hello everyone,

I decided to show you my Skarre3 proxy as I finaly managed to paint my Cryx (you will see the rest of my army in some battle reports).

The main reason of proxing Skarre3 is that the original model is just…. ridiculous. I mean, the Warmachine is about 28mm scale – you just can’t fit anything that even closely resembles galleon (or any warship) there. It is as ridiculous as captain Jack Sparrow sailing his small sinking boat, while the movie pretends it is some large ship for a few seconds. I don’t mind Warmachine to have some fun models (my proxy is also funny), but their scale should more or less make sense!

Skarre3 concept is also of overal poor quality. They did not think too long about it, didn’t they…. Its basicaly some satyxis put on top of the piece of wood, put on top of some “ghosts” mold. Nothing spectacular or dynamic (as flying galleon should be). I am just not paying such price for a model like this…

Ok – my proxy was not very cheap (about half of the original price), but I wanted to have something much different and more up to the scale. I used the Arkanaut Frigate hull because it looks like full 28mm “patrol boat” and already has two cannons. I added some Gobber “ghost crew”, because it looked funny and more fitting with such boat that more serious Satyxis would do. To keep some Cryx feeling, my Skarre resembles a witch more than a pirate. She is emerging from the skulls and the model base is also covered with bodies and gore. I use Skarre3 with mechanithralls list, so “necromatic” details are in line with the rest of the army.

The problem with this proxy is that it doesn’t meet the SR criteria for proxing (too many GW parts). But I think most tournament organisers don’t mind it as long as the proxy doesn’t look terrible (and I hope it doesn’t).

Looking at my model now I feel I could paint it better, but please remember this is the first Cryx model I painted since the first edition of this game. And the fist so large proxy I ever made. Here are some pictures:

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