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This is my second MK4 game I played. I recently published a Kraye 50points list overview and I decided to do the same for my Thagrosh list πŸ˜‰ As last time, this game was also streamed on my Twitch channel, so I am not going to write a battle report, just a list overview with a short outline of the game. The game will be uploaded to YT soon.
Join us on Twitch – here – the next time we are going to stream the game πŸ˜‰ Last time I had some sound issues, and hopefully the next time we stream it will be fixed πŸ˜‰

Similarly to the last post, I will go through the list of models I used. I will present the idea behind the list. Then I will continue by giving a short overview of the game. Afterwards I will tell you what were my expectations and how reality confronted them. I will finish up by listing my general remarks.


Thagrosh – I think he is my favourite Legion warbeast… ekhm… warlock in general. In MK4 he is for sure. He is tough, hits like a truck and can bring additional model to the game, what in such small games is not irrelevant. Manifest Destiny turns every beast into a hard hitting monster. He preserved Scourge, what can surprise many! And what’s the most important – he gained Deceleration!

Carnivean – I was saddened to find out that sprays work only in a straight line now (do you know what is the width of the line??), so his ranged attack is not as impressive as it was. He kept Spiny Growth, what combined with Deceleration and +2 ARM spell, can make him really tough to kill!

Neraph – Hasn’t changed at all, it dropped to 10 points. Cheap and efficient, especially with Manifest Destiny.

Angelius – the biggest change comparing to MK3. He lost his single use powerful armor piercing attack, it is now POW 7, but can be used multiple times. It regained Overtake by losing Side Step. Also, his bite attack is now RNG 1 and POW 12. Angelius is the model I was the most curious about.

Amok – Hasn’t changed much. He is still a nice support piece that can extend spell range. Just before the game I discovered that he is part of a battle group now, so Manifest Destiny affects him!

Hellmouth – Big Maw with triple tentacles! They can move normally now! Advance deployment changed to 3″ in MK4, as did unit’s movement. I believe its role changed from controlling the table to dealing damage and I was eager to test it. It is as annoying as ever for sure.

In a hindsight, I regret not taking a unit of Chosen, as it would be great to see how they work now, with Unstoppable and all the changes to units.

If you are interested, I played against this Cyrenia list:

Idea behind the list

To be fair, there was no profound scheme or elaborate tactics this time. I just wanted to play a MK4 game with Thagrosh2 and legion bests to see how they changed. The addition of Deceleration is a great bonus for their survivability for sure! I wanted Angelius to take care of infantry models, while Carnivean would take the heavy hitters on him. Luckily, Bartek took a single warjack, so he was all Carnivean’s πŸ˜‰ In such small games I believe there is not enough space for Seraph and sadly Mekanoshredder is no more in MK4… so without threat extenders it would be difficult to get the alpha strike. Fortunately, Thagrosh is another heavy warbeast in the list, so I could afford starting to trade pieces first. The plan for the Hellmouth was simple – to be as annoying and as irritating as possible. Also, I was really curious to see how Hellmouth will work with the new movement.

Short overview of the game

The general plan was to use the terrain to my advantage, split enemy forces in half and let Angelius and Carnivean do their job. I don’t want to describe the whole game here, because I streamed that game on Twitch, and I don’t have any photos apart from the pre-game one above πŸ˜‰ There was one crucial moment that decided about the fate of the game and it was knocking down a Fire of Salvation with Enliven on it. That meant that Carnivean can charge in and trivially punch the warjack to the ground. Bartek totally forgot about Scourge, otherwise he wouldn’t put his precious warjack in my threat range. Angelius fulfilled his role perfectly. I didn’t have line of sight but who said I cannot fly over the impassable terrain and start chewing through infantry? πŸ˜‰ Also, Hellmouth performed splendidly in its new role – it was annoying as ever and charged in dealing damage and munching infantry models.

Expectations and Aftermath:


Expectations: No free strikes this edition is another good sign for Thag, his feat allows all warbeasts move and attack, so they will be able to get out of melee with no risk of getting punched. I wanted to see if this will affect my playstyle. When I saw Bartek’s list I knew it was going to be problematic to test Deceleration, as there was hardly any ranged attack in the Protectorate list.

Result: Thagrosh still hits like a truck and his spell list is improved indeed. He can now support infantry with Deceleration and combined with Dragon’s Blood it could make Chosen or Hellmouth, for example, even harder to kill. As I expected, I didn’t even cast Deceleration this game. I did cast Scourge though πŸ˜‰ and that was a game changer!


Expectations: Carnivean didn’t change that much. Sprays unfortunately did, but maybe since the units have to stay packed together it is for the better? Wiping the whole squad with one attack doesn’t seem fair.

Result: He lost a little from the spray change, but overall Carnivean still feels like a powerful model. It is quite expensive though, our second most expensive warbeast at the moment. If you need a tough, heavy hitter this is the beast to go.


Expectations: I was afraid that losing Side Step and POW on his melee attacks is a huge downgrade

Result: In reality its role maybe changed a little. Angelius is still a glass-cannon, but deals with infantry better thanks to Overtake. Remember, that units are packed tighter now, so Angelius can easily deal with units. Against ARM 20 (given that he hit all his attacks) Angelius deals on average 20dmg, in MK3 it would be 16dmg, so it is an improvement, right? I preferred Side step for CK opportunities, but in general I find Overtake more useful.


Expectations: Neraph didn’t really change this edition. I was wondering if he is worth the points in this list.

Result: With Thagrosh any beast hits harder, even Neraph πŸ˜‰ and for 10points it is great! However, the next time I would consider tweaking the list a little to fit Chosen in instead of Neraph.


Expectations: I didn’t have any expectations from Amok. The only thing I wanted to use was Scourge with +2 RNG.

Result: And I managed to do that πŸ˜€ it was the pivotal moment of the game and Amok helped me to keep Thagrosh safer that he would normally be.


Expectations: This was the part of my list I was the most curious about. The change in unit’s movement and movement of Hellmouth itself effectively reporposed its role.

Result: It exceeded my expectations for sure! It evolved from a Sarlac Pit to a Pacman and I love it! Now you want to charge in and deal damage with this unit. One less die for damage means that with ARM bonus this unit is a nightmare to remove once you already engage enemy models. Unit movement means that you can place the Maw however you like and create better angles for dragging. Unfortunately, Tentacles now need to be much closer, so models cannot be dragged through half of the table. You should definitely check this unit now!

General remarks

I created a buymeacoffee profile, where you can support me and contribute to development of this blog by buying me a “coffee”. Funds gathered this way will be used on blog maintenance and making more 3D terrain πŸ˜‰
If anyone would like to do so, you can follow the link below. You can also leave a private message there. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!

I would like to thank Benoit, Samu, KrzysztofDaniel RG and Endre for supporting me on buymeacoffee. It really means a lot to me! Thank you!

I need to play more games with Legion to get the better overview where the army is now. I was never a huge fan of Ogrun theme force, so I cannot wait to see the newest army coming in March (or February?)!

I think that the big change that I liked the most was how Hellmouth play now. It is not sitting in a place, it is actively taking part in the battle and I love it. Also, abilities like Overtake or Killing Spree for instance, can really make units life miserable. I wonder how berserk works too, but maybe I will check it next time.

I am not a big fan of new unit movement, but I think it is the new reality now and I have to adjust to it. It will come with time, hopefully. I don’t like how the change tried to streamline the game, but created so many more new problems and in fact made the game longer and less predictable.

Please let me know if you like posts like this one πŸ˜‰ Should I write more posts about MK4 lists? I have a couple of battle reports to write too, so don’t worry πŸ˜‰


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