Tharn CID review – units, solos, wrap up

Hello Everyone,

It’s continuation of recent post, today we are aiming to finish tharn CID review.

Part 4 – Units

Death Wolves – in Poland, this unit has very strong opinion as “broken” one. Mostly because their extremely strong survive engine. I guess it’s not really worlwide issue mostly due to very small popularity of the unit. The theme change is strongly affecting death wolves, as you can’t start with unit fully supported with hear token, which is kinda a “nerf” to this single unit itself, however you still can take a minion boil as a cheap support for them. From the other hand AD is very nice tacticial option to the unit. As you are using this unit for scenario reasons mostly (seriously rarely anybody let’s you eat units with them), it is very nice to be able to put your unit after seeing where most of opponent’s army is deployed. I would say in general, changes are “ok”. Is rather isn’t really stronger, but I wouldn’t say they get nerfed in total.

Tharn Bloodpack – very interesting unit after all changes. Don’t feel they are real alternative to ravagers in most of the lists, however I could easily imagine dedicated lists that just prefer them over ravagers (some shooting oriented builds). I would mark them as “worth testing”.

Tharn Ravagers – their changes are really, reaaally good. Rapid Healing and +2dmg in charge. That’s great ! They got stronger againt weak shooting, and they have reasonable dmg output in charge.

Tharn Bloodtrackers – I love what PP wants to do with them, however I feel personally it’s a bit strong set of changes. Parry combined with prey change once per game are making them very nice to have.

Tharn Bloodweavers – this new attachment makes them very good unit choice. “Hand of Fate”, sacred ward, AD – it’s so much for a unit. Additionally one of them can be as ambushing unit. I would say many arguments to have one almost always in list.

Tharn Wolfriders – I like changes there, on paper they seems reasonably strong, the important question is – if – in the end still ravagers/trackers/weavers wouldn’t be better or more tempting choice.

Brighid and Caul – I am not convinced ? Interesting rules, solid unit, maybe sometimes will be taken, but it’s not impressive unit. It’s not like “wow” I must have them in my list. At least not for me.

Part 5 – solos

Tharn Ravager White Mane – well… just nice model, I can imagine him being taken for +1 to hit for bloodpack, not sure how often ravagers would need him. I believe if there would be choice between him and shaman, shaman just purely wins the competition

Tharn Ravager Shaman – nice/solid changes, always worth to have them with Ravagers, but also may see usage due to ability to give magical weapons

Tharn Blood Shaman – I believe she received most of initial hate 😉 , very very nice ruleset and seems to be almost must have in all tharn lists

Wolf Rider Champion – she will be interesting mostly as addition to wolf riders unit, I am quite curious if she gets lots of usage without them, other choices seems so much more “must have”.

Lord of the Feast – I would say, huge comeback ? As person that was raising as a player in MK2 I am excited of him being bump so much. When you just look on all rules on him – you just can’t be at least a little bit surprised. Solid offense 8Mat,13Pow. 2” Reach, quasi-tresher. Nice movement trick (raven), that could almost always make opponents a bit salty about how to place models. Grevious wounds, potentially extra +3 str just because of tokens. And in the end 6spd, pathfinder, stealth, 10rng of raven makes it very reasonable threat range. All in all – looks to me as nice comeback for that model.

Part 6 – wrap up

I am quite impressed with the line taken by PP with this CID. I feel they are willing to give a bit too much, from the other hand I just see plenty of choices with tharns at the moment. I can easily imagine people wanting to test tharns with both morvahnas, both kruegers, iona, tanith, wurmwood, grayle… All of those casters give something interesting to them, and also kinda supports them.

Personally I am thrilled to refresh/refine my old grayle/morvahna2 builds, and also I am keen to test morvahna1. However don’t be too naive 😉 – most Circle players would start with Iona, especially once she get her model released. She potentially will dominate any other Tharn choices for a while. As she will be new, strong, and also quite easy to train/learn in terms of her mechanics.

Anyway – as  Circle player – I am more then happy seeing all of those changes, I see plenty of work that needs to be done in terms of “list testing”. As other faction player, I potentially would feel a bit jealous, so many “ok” to “very nice” buffs amongst many models.

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