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Hello everybody!

My name is Piotr Palacz and this is my first post here, on Moment of Clarity. Please check About the author, if you would like to know who I am.

I would like to begin my blog with this rather entertaining challenge. In order to find out where are the limits of the faction, and frankly speaking to have fun too, I have decided to take part in the “Shit Challenge” during the upcoming tournament. The point of that challenge is to allow less experienced players to have more equal fight against more experienced ones. Veterans on the other hand, are encouraged to use less popular and less powerful lists, and by using models from the lower shelf, prove their ingenuity by making them actually work.

The tournament, in newcomer-friendly format of 50 points, will take place in Poznań, Poland, on Saturday, 6-Oct-2018. The Shit Challenge is real. Additionally, there’s a prize for the shittiest list of all. And I truly want to become a serious competitor!

In this case, having in mind that my friends can take out models like Constance, or even worse – either of Sturgises (offence intended), I had to call in the big guns. I went all out and checked which of Legion warlocks have the least appearances in the Discount Gaming tournament record. And guess what, 2 of them were not even mentioned once there… I just found my pair worthy of THE challenge.

First in – Saeryn 1.

Saeryn, as I remembered her, in MK2 wasn’t that bad, not even close to it. After taking a closer look at her card I have realised that all of her former reputation was gone, squashed by Chosens’ several legs and arms and pierced with Anamag’s gruesome spear. Anyway, exactly there, where I wanted to be. But instead of focusing on her drawbacks, I would like to point her few advantages. Don’t forget about the surprise factor.

Apart from Grievous Wounds, she has couple of interesting abilities and spells. First of all – Blight Bringer. This 4 FUR spell prevents non-warcaster models from spending focus and being forced, what basically could stop opponents’ warbeasts/warjacks from charging or standing up. Furthermore, I could cast it on my own warbeast and this way prevent all enemy warbeasts/warjacks with 1” reach from harming my model. That could be a neat denial piece, that not all of my opponents (at least the part that won’t read that post before Saturday) will be aware of. Additionally the Breath Stealer (target model/unit suffers -2SPD and -2DEF) can be scary if you are bringing a colossal/gargantuan against Saeryn.

Alongside with the Blight Bringer, Respawn is another spell worth mentioning. It allows a killed warbeast to be reborn, with 3 unmarked damage boxes, completely within 3 inches of it’s former location. It can become handy, especially in 50-points format, where the amount of attacks might not be enough to mark those 3 remaining boxes.

Her feat, obviously less powerful than the previous one (ahh the nostalgy), says that all Friendly Faction models gain +3ARM and models in her battlegroup gain Retaliatory Strike. It’s probably better than it seems at first.

At the beginning of my list creation process I decided that I want to have Zuriel in my battlegroup. In order to enhance his chances of survival I’ve chosen Children of the Dragon as my theme. Having Unyelding as a theme bonus is something you just cannot put a price on. Then, I have added as many Nephlim Soldiers as I could fit in, included a single Nephlim Bolt Thrower for his animus and tastier Grevious Wounds application. At the end I added couple of solos and an utility unit. That’s the result:

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight [+28]
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower [11]
– Nephilim Soldier [9]
– Nephilim Soldier [9]
– Nephilim Soldier [9]
– Nephilim Soldier [9]
– Zuriel [18]
– Succubus [0(4)]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [6]
Craelix, Fang of Everblight [0(6)]
Ice Witches [7]

Apart from stuff already described above, there are still couple of curious, rather cute than good, elements. For instance, Craelix and his -2STR, -2DEF for living models debuff can effectively increase the Nephlims’ ARM up to 21!
Getting rid of infantry, heavy armoured but single wounded, shouldn’t be that difficult with Hellion’s Blight Storm. Speaking of Hellion, her ability to let models with flight charge for free increase the Nephlims’ DMG output.
Saeryn’s Grievous Wounds and Nephlim’s Precision Strike might be a surprise. On top of that, Retaliatory Strike on feat can turn the tides of the game in a single swing.

What will be my tactics, except not losing spectacularly? Engage, sacrifice couple of models, retaliate with feat and all assets I have. Although everything would depend on the scenario, terrain placement and my opponents’ list, I see the light in the tunnel. Games will definitely judge the list. Depending on the upcoming results, I might even develop this list to become full 75-points version.

In the following post I will reveal what will be my second not-so-good pick.
Stay tuned!


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