Today some midnight babble about my favorite caster’s personal warjack.

So yes – I must sadly inform you that this article will not be about the sexy lingerie or even the motorcycles, sorry. 🙁

I have never seen Triumph on the table before playing it myself. And I mean never – not at the tournaments, not even in the battle reports. I actually forgot he exists until I picked Siege. So there must be something wrong with it in players’ opinion. So I decided to write my thoughts down, perhaps somebody will find it useful when deciding if he should pick this jack in his list.

My first reaction was “blah” – quite a high cost, very low melee power, why would I need a weaker but more expensive Defender? Both Sieges like raw power don’t they? But then I tried him in one of the lists (it was Siege 2 I think) and I found out he is the answer for many problems.

So, let’s see my pros/cons list:


  1. Focus friendly – he doesn’t need Siege focus at all to fire 2 pow 15 shots with 3 boosts and even hit something with melee pow14 on top of this. Both Sieges spend a lot of focus for their spells or a Ground Pounder. “Free” jack is the best jack for them.
  2. Dual attack – one of the best abilities in this game. His range is great (trample), his ranged attacks are mostly unstoppable (can shoot while engaged). He can deal a lot more damage than it looks at a first glance. Up to 3 free attacks with 2 damage boosts before even spending focus is good.
  3. Magic weapon – believe it or not, some Cygnar lists are not loaded with magic. It is a key addition to the Storm Division.
  4. True sight – just amazing how many problems it solves. That again saves some focus, because Mage Sight is not always necessary.
  5. Shield – not very amazing but 20ARM in Cygnar is nothing to complain at either. More than enough for the late game shooty warjack.
  6. Shieldguard – not critical ability with any Siege but obviously nice to have.


  1. He is pointless with any other caster than Siege.
  2. Pillow fisted.
  3. Expensive.
  4. Rapid Fire – first shot is significantly worse than the second and is sometimes lost. RoF2 would make him more popular I think.

So as you see, despite flaws I feel that there are plenty of benefits from having Triumph in the list. In my case I added it to the Storm Division, because they don’t shoot too well (for Cygnar) and don’t have magic weapons laying around. I found out that the shooty battlegroup greatly supports the melee Knight units. Both Sieges can boost army power, so I don’t need specialized melee jacks so much to deal with high armour. Last but not least – I can save a lot of focus for the Groundpounder and spells, which also adds to the damage output.

The miniature:

I do not own Triumph miniature – I have a conversion I would like to show to you. It’s just to show you the idea how to save money – not my painting/conversion skills, because I don’t have any. If you want to watch something nice, better buy Triumph lingerie to your girlfriend/wife instead…

As I had all the necessary bits, I felt it wasn’t worth to spend money on upgrade pack. The final conversion is SR legal I think, although I’ve never paid any attention to the conversion rules – as long as the conversion doesn’t look like Lego & Duct Tape pile of…. junk. Anyway – it has 95% of PP parts, proper weapons and such – so I think it would be okay even with the most rigorous Tournament Organizers out there.

My Triumph looks this:

  1. It is a Defender hull of course.
  2. The cannon was extended using Decimator gun barrel.
  3. “Fuel tanks” on the side of the gun are just…. I don’t know – the magic fuel for his magic gun perhaps? I just wanted to add something unique and had those from some wh40k vehicle flamer I think.
  4. The “sniper scope” is made from the wh40k Lascannon muzzle (all scopes I had were too small for this jack).
  5. As I had some power cable left from the same Lascannon, I used it to connect the scope with the backpack, because I thought it would look cool
  6. The shield – I had some proper shields I could use, but as a Khador player I decided to add some Khador feel to it. It is a Kodiak shield – let’s say it is his trophy from the victorious battle.

As you see – nothing special – but cheap, easy and will not mislead the opponents.

That’s all for today. Good night.

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