#2 Battle Report, Sturm & Drang vs Kallus 1

My list (borrowed from Azahul with small change):

[Sturm 1 & Drang 1] Sturm & Drang [+28]

  • Battle Boar [7]
  • Battle Boar [7]
  • War Hog [15]
  • Gatorman Soul Slave [0(5)]
    Brun Cragback [16]
    Dahlia Hallyr [17]
    Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [0(5)]
    Gremlin Swarm [0(3)]
    Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor [0(5)]
    Swamp Gobber Chef [1]
    Underchief Mire [4]
  • Dracodile [36]

My opponent’s list:

[Kallus 1] Kallus, Wrath of Everblight [+30]

  • Archangel [35]
    Fyanna the Lash [0(5)]
    Grotesque Assassin [0(4)]
    Grotesque Assassin [0(4)]
    Spell Martyr [1]
    Grotesque Raiders (max) [12]
    Grotesque Raiders (max) [12]
    Hellmouth [6]
    Hellmouth [6]
    Strider Blightblades [10]
    Strider Blightblades [10]
    Strider Scouts [9]
  • Strider Scout Officer & Musician [4]

Sturm is supposed to be a Legion drop, so here we go testing that theory in my meta. Opponent has Anamaga/Kallus1 as his pair and he prefer the latter cos Anamag struggle vs Arkadius in our previous games. Also Mirrage is great for his list.


I choose to be second to control scenerio a little more. Also i think that my gameplan in this MU should be to live to 7th turn and win on CP or AP tie breaker. Rhulic engine is Archangel proxy.

Turn 1 (both players):

We both run forward and take positions. Kallus doesn’t cast his spells, and I cast Polarity Field and Deceleration to camp 2 vs possibly archangel output. Dahlia and Brun cast their upkeeps. I put Lug forward to bait blightblades but it doesn’t work out for me ; )

Turn 2 (Legion):

He doesn’t use ambush this turn. Legion advances slowly and contest scenerio pieces. Archangel shoot Lug – I hyper aggresive it into melee with blightblades (take 5 dmg in the proces). After that 4 striders make charge and on dice -5 (CMA 2 each time) they kill bear. Lucky me that he doesn’t hit with crit GW ; )

Turn 2 (Minions):

Both Dracodile and Skaryth spray some models, Sturm recasts Deceleration, spray some contesting models and Soul Slave TKs him to score my zone. Battle boar primal, adrenalize and go into blightblades on the right and does nothing.

Scenerio 1-1

Turn 3 (Legion):

In that turn Kallus feats and his army jam me hard. Grotesques ambush attacks Skaryth on the left and makes marginal damage. On the right battle boar lives long enough to engage blightlbades and keep my war hog alive. Brun survives charge from one scout and contest flag, but on the top spell martyr scores flag.

Scenerio 1-3

Turn 3 (Minions):

Playing on Kallus’ was a lot less effective when with Arkadius. Gremlin Swarm contests his zone, but I don’t have anything to contest top flag. Skaryth with help of Orin and Sturm (He also feats) clears a lot of contesting models, but in the end it’s to little to not lose on scenerio in following turn.

Scenerio: 2 – 4

In next turn Legion trivally contests my zone and scores his zone and two flags.


For sure there is room for improvment on my side with Sturm’s list. I should put Dracodile more up to contest opposing flag and play Dahlia more aggresively because opponent doesn’t have easy way to get ride of her outside Archangel. But paring felt uphill anyway, hitting def 15/16 models (scouts, incubi on feat turn) is hard for this list and with great placement from my opponent sprays just don’t do enough work (I can hit 3 models per time at most). On the other hand Maleok with mortality and posse skew feels good in most of Legion builds – hits better, threats better (13 is more than Chosens and Warmongers 12) and with feat he is almost immune to jam tactic that i found so effective vs Sturm. So maybe he will be in some next reports ; )


  1. Why did you took this side? This building defends hard from contesting his zone and his advantage in amount of models makes easier to contest your. So in the end he should always have more point at the round 7.

    1. I wanted to use building to block impact of hellmouth and planned to contest that zone with Dracodile. It didn’t work out ; )

  2. I feel like maelok is the perfect answer into legion as it’s alot of boxes and arm that can’t be dealt with.
    Anamag maybe does it but mortality is a massive spell, especially when you can cast it twice and shut down double chosen healing lists.

    1. Exactly the scenerio that happened in my game – I played Maleok vs double Chosen Anamag. On my feat I kill 8 of them and sat still with arm 22 on melee models. It was great. 🙂

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