#3 Battle Report Arkadius (2) vs Gearhart 1

[Arkadius 1] Dr. Arkadius [+32]

  • Gorax Rager [7]
  • Gun Boar [9]
  • Razor Boar (2) [7]
  • Road Hog [16]
  • Road Hog [16]
  • War Hog [15]
  • War Hog [15]
  • Targ [0(4)]
    Bog Trog Mist Speaker [0(4)]
    Gatorman Witch Doctor [0(4)]
    Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers [0(4)]
    Underchief Mire [4]
  • Blackhide Wrastler [16]
    Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

Opponent’s list:

[Gearhart 1] Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart [+27]

  • Retaliator [9]
  • Vulcan [35]
  • Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc [0(5)]
    Crucible Guard Mechanik [2]
    Trancer [3]
    Trancer [3]
    Combat Alchemists [7]
    Crucible Guard Infantry (max) [15]
  • Crucible Guard Infantry Officer & Standard [4]
    Crucible Guard Rocketmen (min) [9]
  • Crucible Guard Rocketman Captain [4]
  • Rocketman Gunner (3) [6]
    Dragon’s Breath Rocket [0(5)]
    Dragon’s Breath Rocket [5]


I played vs gearhart list with 2 x CGI before, and it was crushing defeat. These time it is only one unit so I’m full of hope ; ) Main problem is that Road Hogs have little work to od with sprays. My opponent win a roll with his +1 starting roll bonus (6 vs 6) and he opts to start the game. I choose side with forest to hide my warlock, and I select the pathfinder objective.

Turn 1 (both players):

We both run and cast our respective upkeeps. From my side it’s Weald Secrets on most righ Road Hog, Guardian Beast (mistake, it should be Aggravator) and Forced Evo on middle War Hog. My opponent casts Snipe on CGI and Hot Shot on Vulcan. I kill two of three alchemist with Gun Boar (Targ is involved).

Turn 2 (Crucible):

Army advances a little and put few shots into Gun Boar almost killing him (he stands on last box and is on fire).

Turn 2 (Minions):

Feat turn basicly ; ) Gun Boar is on fire, but lives through damage roll (ha!). I run far right Razor Boar to frenzy it into Dragon Rocket with feat (even outside control beasts frenzy on Mayhem). Then I activate Arkadius, Psycho surgery Gun Boar for 4 and feats everything forward – War Hogs through forest into Collosal (I want to put one into collosal and second into rocketmen). I stay on 3 fury for no reason (it will hit me back on next turn). Road Hogs boost sprays into rocketman and kill three. Gun Boar and Gorax take out some CGI, right Razor Boar kills first Dragon crew (Take up), second clears last alchemic. Mire goes forward, casts cloud and free rage. Forced Evo War Hog Dials for strengh (now + 7 to STR) nad walks into Vulcan. After 5 attacks on +4 and 1 on +3 Collosal stands on 7 boxes, so I have to send in the other one. The second Hog finishes off Vulcan easily and overtakes into the zone. I run Mist Spiker to the flag and wait for the retaliation.

Score 1-0 for me

Turn 3 (Crucible):

Gearhart does thing he is supposed to do. Combination of his personal shot (momentum), Feat, retaliator oiled spray and aiming CGI clears everything in range but the Gun Boar which is left on last box again. Trancers missed two boosted 8 to hit the War Hog which was fun but she dies anyway. Rocketmen make some shots into Razor Boar and War Hogs here and there, then repo5 to jam and contest. Alice scores on a flag.

Score 1-2

Turn 3 (Minions):

The Gun Boar lives through fire (ha!). Unfortunately both Road Hogs frenzy (mistakes were made…) so my turn is pretty unsubstantial. I kill little Alice but cannot contest flag. I drop trances via Primal shocks and left on 0 fury. My opponent points out that I should hide my caster because he can kill him easily, we correct my position to see where attrition will take us. Razor Boar kills another crew. Mire puts cloud and I move Wrestler closer to opponent’s army.

Score 2-3

Turn 4 (Crucible):

Big Alice kills the Gun Boar (lucky). CGI take out Wrestler (with Dragon Rocket and Retaliator help) and about half a Road Hog, Rocketmen jam, contest and fail to kill Razor Boar, which lives through another hit from Dragon Rocket.

2-5 score

Turn 4 (Minions):

Targ runs to contest both flag and zone. Kwaak and Witch Doctor camp around Objective in waiting for be used as scenerio fodder. I use Road Hogs and Primal Schock to kill rest of Rocketmen, leader is taken out by Arkadius makes him stationary and charging Mist Spiker. Razor Boar fails to kill dragon breath crew.

Score 4-5

Turn 5 (both players):

Dragon Rocket Crew tries to contest zone and dies to freestrike from hero Razor Boar. CGI takes out Objective with help of Gearhart. After killing Targ Big Alyce camps on hill to contest in following turns. I missed photo after this turn.

Score 6-8

I throw Road hog and two primal shock to take Alice out. I run Razor Boar to be a nuisance (mistake that cost me a game in the end). Kwaak contests zone and I cannot contest flag.

Score 8-9

Turn 6 (Crucible):

CGI finally start running instead of tearing my army apart. Kwaak is killed by Dragon Rocket, Gearhart kills the Razor Boar

Score 8-11

Turn 6 (minions)

I run Mire to contest both flag and zone. I killed a few CGI to clear my scenerio pieces by using Road Hogs as Primal Shock becons or charging because sprays are useless at that moment. I forget a photo again.

Score 10-11

Turn 7 (both players):

Crucible clears Mire and contest zone with standard from CGI unit and flag with some trooper.

Score 10-13

To win I have contest both zone and flag, kill Objective and clear contesting models. On Road Hog runs to contest, second takes out Objective and I used her as Primal Shock bacon and we shake hands (photo from this state of game). In home we figure out that standard has mage static so I couldn’t clear my up zone in any way. So…

Final Score 12-13


Misplays. If I had properly positioned War Hogs on feat turn I would take out Objective as well as Colossal – I was greedy and wanted to do that with only one War Hog. Also if I did camp Razor Boar instead of running him into sure and useless death he would be able to kill contesting models. In the end I still feel like fighting CGI lists (but with one unit it was much easier) is an uphill battle for Arkadius. In general minions’ infantry clearing is based on fire (Road Hogs) or corrosion (Husks, Spitters) damage which make fighting CG hard at the moment. Still I’m happy that I could stay in the game to the 7th turn this time.

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