About the authors


My name is Simon and Warmachine & Hordes are big part of my life since release of Escalation.

I’m player, previous Press Ganger, PP Judge, organizer of 2 WTC (2014 and 2018) and owner of Qualigeeks from Zabrze in Poland.

I have been actively playing for the last fourteen years Cryx, Protectorate, Retribution, Covergence, Legion and Minions.

Right now I’m left only with Protectorate and Minions šŸ™‚

I hope that you will be interested in my battle reports that are posted on this blog.

Feel free to comment!


Iā€™m Adam and Iā€™m playing Warmachine from 2016, jumping on it from WFB and WH40k.
I am very consistent on changing factions but on this site I will try to stick with Minions.
I’ll share battle reports and some other tactics or issue I will find interesting ā€“ and I hope you will too šŸ˜‰