About the authors


My name is Jack.
I began playing Warmachine in 2003.
My weapon of choice back then was Khador led by Vlad.
Sadly, I had a few years break from hobby but since 2018 me and my Khadric army are back.
Recently I’ve decided to try something new, and switched Khador to one of the new factions – the Grymkin.
Most of my army is going to be converted, as I love playing with models nobody else has.
I’m not as good player as my friends from this blog, but trust me, I’m working on that 😉

Hi everyone, my name is Bartek a.k.a. Vincus.
I am playing WmH since 2016, so I am prety new in this system.

I started with PoM, but when I saw Grymkin army and rules, I knew it will be my favourite army.
In my opinion, Grymkins are one of the funniest armies in WmH and their models are really cool.

I love to convert models, later I will share with you some of my works.
Since Grymkins are small faction, they have very limited options to choose armies, so I will mix my games and try some luck in Warmachine.

Exactly with Crucible Guard.
I really like those limited factions.

I hope all of you will join my works and reports!