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Hello, I just started writing for a moment of clarity and CID for doom reavers is in final week, so I thought this is the best moment to write my first post. As stated earlier i would love to shed some light on upcomming CID changes.

About wolves of the winter

This theme was played very willingly when it first came out. It was mostly played with Vladimir2 and Zerkova1. Apparition on one doom reaver unit every turn was a pretty nice tech, because it is not only a threat range extension, but also allows you to leave the combat or hide behind the trees and pop up like a forest animals. The theme became less and less popular when anty infatry spam has become more common and due to still noticeable expensiveness of the doom reavers.

CID rules:

  • Doom Reaver Swordsmen: Point Cost: Leader & 5 Grunts: 10” – 25% discount on this unit is huuuge. But the rework of the ua make the real change.
  • Greylord Escort: Combat Caster is a change that I thought for a long time before CID, because on the press forward order they couldnt do shit. Sacrificial Pawn [Doom Reaver] is also a very nice addon, but above all of that giving them an action to give either grievious wound or pathinder is groose. Grievous wounds is obviously a very powerfull skill, especially on this ogres/tharn meta where you can spit on their toughs. Very very strong buffs there.
  • Greylord Ternion: Another huge buff on this almost unplayable unit. Cranked frost is big thing, because for 7 points you can cast it 3 times. Changing blizzard so you can target models with spell ward is also unquestionable good. But accessibility to take them for free, makes it almost must have in every wolves of winter theme list.
  • Greylord Outriders: Only reduce their point cost by 3 which is reasonable change. Although I liked the critical dispell from week1 :).
  • Fenris: 1 point cost less, build in grievious wound and Blood-Quenched are solid changes. All of these certainly helps him to appears so more often on the tables. But for his cost you can almost take another doom reaver unit, so the competition is real.
  • Koldun Lord: Wow, wow, wow!, that what I thought when I first time have read the CID. They really made this solos to be pure wizard. I really liked this model before and now it’s even better. Bonds of Woe is very interesting, nothing overpowered though. Puppet Master is another great tool too, but comparing to other I don’t see him casting it so often.
    With bunch of greylords he has so width spell list and with magic ability(8) he’s gonna
    perform wounderfully.
  • Greylord Adjunct: Very solid caster attachment. It’s really nice that he is available in all themes. Jaws of the wolf will profit most of him due to lack of magic weopons. However with some casters I`d rather take the sylys more, simple because you really like arcane secrets to cast e.g. freezing grip on sorscha1.
  • Ruin: Is now availbe in wolves of winter theme. It’s fine change but nothing speciall. It’s good to have an option to pick up a solid warjack, but without Butcher ruin is not that great.
source: Forces of Warmachine: Khador


In conclusion this CID really renews this theme, because any list combiining four units of dooms and one large cavarly gains 15 points, which is a big injection. On top of that wolves of winter got a lot of new rules that might put it back to competitive race. Among all of the new stuff grievious wound on fell blades makes the real turnabout and all hate is focusing directly on this buff.

Obviously we have to wait for the final realease but according to prievious CIDs there shouldnt be any major changes from final week. Therefore this all indicates that it going to be a great comeback of the madmen doom reaves!

*source of the featured image: (great khador drawings btw)

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