Do you remember that scene from The Monty Python and the Holy Grail when King Arthur and his knights were supposed to kill white rabbit? Well, here is his older brother…

It’s the first and probably only model in my Grymkin army that I’d sculpted entirely from green stuff. I’m not exactly the master sculptor, but when I saw the oryginal Crabbit model I had to make something else, the PP one looks like those poor animals used by cruel companies for tests…

Stats wise Crabbit is one of the weakest warbeasts (if not the weakest). On the other hand there are two important factors that make him one of the most usefull.

First is his Shield Guard rule. Grymkin have a lot of models that need some extra protection from shooting (early-game Skin and Moans, Death Knell, Warlocks…) and that tiny Shield Guard can make a huge difference, expecially against Lord of the Feast or something with Drag, like Galeon for example.

Second is the point cost. In Dark Menagerie Crabbit costs me exactly 0 points, so considering this it’s a really solid choice :).

Apart from that there are two quite usefull tricks with Crabbits. First is his leap. Crabbit can advance 6 inches, then jump behind his target and kill that poor unit attachment or solo. Even Crabbit can kill something with bonuses for attacking from the back.

Second is his animus. Almost useless for the beast itself, but for some casters it may be actually quite good.

So, at this moment my army looks like this:

Grymkin Army – 4 / 75 points
[Theme] Dark Menagerie

[Dreamer 1] The Dreamer [+28]
– Gorehound [6]

– Crabbit [0]
Lady Karianna Rose [4]

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