Dreamer and phantasms

I must admit I couldn’t wait to write my first post here and say ‘hi’ to all of you. So: Hi to all of you πŸ™‚ It’s been a while since I began collecting a new army (my Khador army is 15 years old!) but those Grymkin were haunting me for so long I finally gave up and bought some models. The first was, of course, the Warlock.


Painting took me a bit longer than usual, cause I had to think about the overall colours for my army and basing style. Rest of the army will be ready a bit quicker, I promise πŸ™‚

Dreamer is currently the most popular Grymkin Warlock, expecially with Dark Menagerie. If you don’t know why, I’ll do my best to explain that to you.

Starting with her skillset, she can boost her own survivability by becoming incorporeal once every two turns. That strongly limits the enemy’s ways of killing her. Her second most important skill is Hat Trick. Every time the enemy model is boxed in her control range she can replace it with one of her Phantasms (more of them later). Oh, and she can boost her attack and damage rolls AFTER the roll. Nice girl, don’t you think?

Spell wise, she is quite versitile:
Abyssal Gate is offensive spell with short range of 8″ (channeling will help with that) and not so great power of 12 (being able to boost after roll will come in handy). The cool part is that if the enemy non-warlock/caster model gets damaged by this spell you can place it within 3″ of it’s current location. That helps with quite short charge ranges of most Grymkin heavies.
Artifice of Deviation allows you to put 5″ AOE completely within Dreamer’s control range. That AOE is rough terrain for enemies and gains cover to your models. Sadly it’s an upkeep spell, so you can have only one of those. Anyway, quite usefull defensive spell.
Enfeeble is another upkeep, and another spell that greatly benefits from channeling, due to it’s short range of 8″. Target model/unit gets -2 to attack and damage rolls. Second usefull defensive spell.
Manifest Destiny, my spell no.1 in Dreamers arsenal, and the main reason she is so good with DM theme force. Models in her battlegroup that are within her control range roll 1 additional dice while rolling for melee attacks and damage and discard the lowest. I’ve learned that playing with Vlad1, that single dice can make a huge difference, expecially when multiple models benefit from that.
Mirage is Dreamers answer to Grymkin heavies being slow. It’s an upkeep spell that gains friendly model or unit apparition. Place a model 2″ during your control phase? I’m in. You can extend your threat range, excape combat without any free strikes, you name it, you get it.

Earleir I’ve mentioned Dreamer’s Phantasms.
Small one is currently the least important one (but with Clockatrices that may change) as he Marks the Target which makes enemy models in his LOS and within 5″ easier to hit with range attacks.
Medium one is much more usefull. Remember those 8″ spells that need channeling? Here is your channeler.
Large one is your Bulldoze on the stick. Usefull as hell.
All phantasms have 1″ aura that gives enemies -1 to attack rolls.
All in all – not bad for models that you get for free, don’t you think?

Apart from one of the best spell lists in the game and good skillset Dreamer has respectable RAT 7 which she uses to fire her only weapon. 10″ with reload that does no damage. Instead, warrior models hit become stationary for one round. If the hit is critical, and target wasn’t Warlock/Caster you can also make a full advance with it, make one basic attack and then make it stationary.

Last, but not least, Dreamers Trump Arcana. It triggers when enemy model in Dreamers control disables a friendly faction model. For a turn when enemy model destroys or removes from play any of your friendly faction models, it gets knocked down at the end of it’s activation. Works very well with screening models like Gorehounds.

I guess my list with Dreamer will be a bit simmilar to ones played all around the world, with some minor tweaks to make it even deadlier. After all, what’s better than gathering you enemies tears after game? I even have a special cup for that (it is blue with the picture of a kitten).


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