Game #34 Thagrosh1 vs. Morghoul2

Hello everyone!

In the last round of Wrocław Masters I have met my friend Konrad, who currently lives in UK. I was really happy to play against him, since he certainly is a skilled player and good friend of mine.

Konrad decided to take experimental Skorne lists (EDIT: Makeda was experimental, as it turned out later Konrad played Morghoul2 in this set up many times, it was experimental only to me) , one of them full of Minions, and I was excited to see them on the table. On one hand: fire damage and blind, on the other multiple beasts in Makeda3 list. I decided to take Thag1. Konrad opted for Morghoul2.

My Thagrosh1 list:

Legion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Children of the Dragon

[Thagrosh 1] Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight [+28]
– Azrael [21]
– Typhon [20]
– Zuriel [18]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Craelix, Fang of Everblight [0(6)]
Spell Martyr [1]
Spell Martyr [1]
Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters (max) [15]
– Bayal, Hound of Everblight [0(6)]
Blighted Nyss Raptors (max) [18]
Ice Witches [7]

Konrad’s Morghoul2 list:

Skorne Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Disciples of Agony

[Morghoul 2] Lord Assassin Morghoul [+29]
– Battle Boar [7]
– Blind Walker [10]
– Blind Walker [10]
– Cyclops Savage [7]
Mortitheurge Willbreaker [0(4)]
Paingiver Task Master [0(3)]
Paingiver Task Master [0(3)]
Croak Raiders (max) [16]
Croak Raiders (max) [16]
Farrow Valkyries [8]
Farrow Valkyries [8]
Farrow Valkyries [8]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min) [5]
Paingiver Bloodrunners [9]

We played Spread The Net.


Konrad won the roll and decided to be the first player. He deployed his Gator arc nodes on the flanks, Cyclope and Battle Boar in the middle, support behind all of that. I was surprised to see as many as 9 Valkiries on the table. I love their sculpt and I wanted to see them in action! Later, Konrad deployed both frog units on the flanks.

I spread my models across my side of the board, Typhon in the middle, Zuriel on the left and Azrael on the right, Raptors somewhat in the middle between other models. I decided to deploy Hex Hunters on the left in order to be able to contest Konrad’s rectangular zone.


Round 1

Konrad pushed his stuff forward and tried to stay out of most of my threat ranges. He cast Shadow Play on Cyclope. Frogs ran forward and prepare to throw burning darts next round.

I decided to cast Draconic Blessing (+2STR and immunity to fire) on Raptors in order to save them from murderous frogs. Thagrosh put Fog of War up too and advanced. Warbeasts ran forward cautiously, Azrael took advantageous position on the hill. Raptors, now immune to fire, moved towards the right zone and prepared poisoned arrows.

Round 1

Round 2

Konrad, aware of my threat ranges, slowly moved forward and prepared his army to counter attack next round and tried not to put too many models at risk. He put couple of models into my zone. Blind Walker hid behind the forest. Valkiries stayed within shield guard distance of most of the models.

I decided to drop Draconic Blessing from Raptors and give it to Zuriel, so he could charge a Valkirie that was in his LOS and redirect the other attacks against a left Blind Walker. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to roll high enough to take him off the table. That was quite unlucky, since it turned out later, I basically sacrificed him and Raptors for nothing. Azrael slammed one of the pigs killing her and another model, throwing his second spear against a common frog I believe. My cavalry shot at frogs and managed to remove couple of them along with couple of Valkiries. Typhon advanced and sprayed couple of models staying outside of charge ranges. Craelix added couple of arrows. I scored on my left flag and right rectangular zone. 2:0.

Round 2

Round 3

Konrad’s retaliation was cruel. He punished me for dropping immunity and not killing enough of his frogs. He cast Mortality on Raptors and removed them with his shooting, all 5 of them. Cyclope rolled really well and one Blind Walker’s punch was more than enough to kill him. Ambushed Bloodrunners easily contested my flag. Konrad scored on his flag and left rectangular zone, 2:2.

Well, I had to figure out how to get any points, because since I lost Raptors and most of my Hex Hunters, I was running out of models. Unfortunately, I couldn’t clear my left flag. I only managed to score in my rectangular zone. Typhon moved in and sprayed right Blind Walker, killed a solo on the flag and some Valkiries. I had enough of fury to put Excessive healing up. I feated back Zuriel and prepared him for the second round against the croc. I scored one point, 3:2 in my favour.

Round 3

Round 4

In his turn, Konrad managed to kill Typhon, jam the left flag effectively preventing me from scoring there ever again. He easily cleared left rectangular zone. Frogs threw couple of darts killing a model here and there. Morghoul didn’t need to feat anymore, since all of my beasts have Eyeless Sight and my infantry was basically gone. Konrad scored 2 more points, 3:4 in his advantage.

In my turn I managed to finish off the croc and Cyclope. Zuriel tried to clear the zone but couldn’t do that all by himself. I ran Shepherd to contest his flag. 3:4. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo.

Round 5

Konrad continued sealing off the game by successively contesting my zones and scoring on his. He scored couple points more and we finished at 8:3. Skorne won.

Round 5


The most important moment of that game was the point where I decided to recast Draconic Blessing on Zuriel in order to kill a Blind Walker. I think that’s the turn where I messed up. Maybe Raptors would be able to survive long enough to kill couple of models more. As Konrad later admitted, he would consider feating then, since Raptors were the best target for his feat. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad deal if I would manage to kill the croc. That was a risky call and I needed to roll a little bit above average.

In general, it was a great game and I was happy to play again with Konrad. Additionally, seeing that off-meta list was a great, although painful experience. We played till the very end.

All in all I placed 9th. Not a bad result, but considering that there were only 18 players, it is not such an impressive result. As for my lists, I felt ok with Thag1. I still need practice with that list (if I would like to use it as my off list). The three pillars, Azrael, Zuriel and Typhon that is, are incredibely strong beasts. Unfortunately, they’re as expensive point-wise as they’re strong.
Regarding Anamag, I definitely need to swap her for Kallus1 or 2 (I prefer the latter). Anamag’s time is pretty much over now. She is still a powerful warlock, don’t get me wrong, but she cannot surprise anybody, as opposite to Kallus2 😉 Normally, I would be playing him for last month or two at least, but my Chosen are still on the way.

After that tournament I decided to play Cygnar for couple of weeks, as part of preparation to Polish Team Championship. I find lack of Chosen and Kallus2 really annoying. I believe that Legion just needs to play either of Kalluses and both of the list ideas require Chosen. As soon as my second Chosen unit and Kallus arrive, I will get back to playing Legion 😉 I’m planning to play Cygnar on Barcelona Masters (9-10.03) and a week later, on Primal Arc II in Kraków (15-16.03).

After those two events I’m definitely getting back on dragon’s… back. Till next month then!
I will continue writing posts, but in Cygnar thread, so if you’re interested in reading more of my battle reports with swan vibes, feel free to do so!


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