After painting my first Grymkin Warlock, the Dreamer, I had to begin painting her Dark Menagerie. Her first beast will be the Gorehound

Before I tell you about his rules, I’ll write a few words about the model. It’s not a PP model of Gorehound, so I guess it won’t be PP tournament legal (most of my army won’t be) but in most cases tournament organizers are kind enough to let me play my armies with no problems. I painted my Gorehound with rear part of his body being ghost (after all he has the Ghostly rule!).

Gorehounds are probably the most commonly used Grymkin light beast. He is fast (SPD 7), is Ghostly, has Prowl, which makes him a bit more survivable, and has Extended Control Range, which allows him to run quite far from the Warlock.

IMO there are two very nice ways to use Gorehound. First – as a jammer. He can jam enemy models to prevent them from charging slow Grymkin heavies. Gorehound has 2″ reach, so it’s quite easy for him to jam a few models at a time. Sadly, he will die quite fast, so keep him in range of Death Knell to get his corpse token. Fun way of jamming with Gorehound, when you face models on medium or small bases and make a free strike, you can pull them and prevent them from finishing the charge. Second way is to use Gorehound’s extended control range to hunt solos, contest flags and threaten casters. Problem with that is tiny P+S on the Bite attack, and MAT of 6. Combined, that makes hitting high-def models difficult, as well as damaging high-arm ones.

Good thing is – Gorehound’s cost is only 6 points, and for that he’s awesome! And last but not least – his Animus gives him (or Warlock, but Dreamer won’t use it anyway) Sprint. Could work with Child I guess. Today I’m going to battle-test my Grymkin against MacBain led by Mateusz. Fingers crossed!


  1. Manifest Destiny will work due to extended control range. So your pow 12 will have the benefit of it

    1. Of course, but still it’s 22 on average (26 on chagre attack) so it’s only several damage on heavier models. Of course, it ain’t bad for a 6 points light beast πŸ™‚

  2. Great choice of an unexpensive alternative model! If I was building it, I would definitely add a long tongue made of green stuff – it’s iconic for the G-hound and also provides the WYSIWYG for the model (clearly suggests the 2″ weapon range which for now isn’t apparent for people who don’t know the model and may be found misleading)

    Judging from your excellent Crabbit, I’d say you should have no problem with such a simple conversion πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks πŸ˜‰ As you probably suspect that isn’t the last Gorehound, so next one will get a proper, few cm long tongue.

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