Haley2 vs Krueger2 – A lesson long forgotten

Hello everyone!

It’s time for a classic match between two Telekinetic power houses. I brought a Haley2 list I wanted to test out for an upcoming tournament and Bartek, all of a sudden, took out Circle and put Krueger2 on the table. That’s how you want to play?? Okayy… here we go!

Bartek’s Krueger2 list:

[Theme] Bones of Orboros

[Krueger 2] Krueger the Stormlord [+27]
– Megalith [20]
– Woldwarden [14]
– Woldwarden [14]
– Woldwyrd [9]
– Druid Wilder [0(4)]
Blackclad Stoneshaper [3]
Blackclad Wayfarer [4]
Chuck Dogwood [4]
Hermit of Henge Hold [5]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [0(5)]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [0(5)]
Shifting Stones [3]
– Stone Keeper [2]
Stoneward & Woldstalkers [10]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]
Well of Orboros [10]

As it turned out, conflict chamber counted points better and we realized Bartek had 73 points, instead of regular 75. He was proxing a Woldwarden with a Wold Guardian, so he was still missing those 2 points πŸ˜›

My Haley2 list:

[Theme] Storm Division

[Haley 2] Major Victoria Haley [+25]
– Reliant [13]
– Thorn [13]
– Squire [0(5)]
Grand Master Gabriel Throne [7]
Lieutenant Gwen Keller [0(5)]
Savio Montero Acosta [0(6)]
Stormsmith Stormcaller [1]
Storm Lances (min) [12]
Storm Lances (min) [12]
Stormblade Infantry [9]
Artificer Prime Nemo [18]
– Mangler [15]

We played Bunkers.


I won a starting roll and decided to go first.

I deployed Nemo on the right, Haley and her battle group in the middle and Stormblades on the left. I deployed a unit of Storm Lances on each flank.

Bartek deployed Well of Orboros in the forest on the right. Woldstalkers were deployed closer to the left, Krueger and his battle group in the center. Stones were deployed on the left, on the right, in the center, everywhere.


Round 1 Turn 1

Everything ran forward, everything that could. Nemo spit out Stormblade Captain and cast Lightning Strike on Mangler. Haley cast TK on few models and cast Force Field on herself, what for? I have no idea, maybe for some deviations from the well? At the beginning I thought I could also redirect my own deviations, but not really. It concerns only enemy deviating AoEs. I put two Lances on the right in a trench, just to add to their DEF.

Round 1 Turn 1

Round 1 Turn 2

Most of the models ran forward. Sentry stones tried to kill Lances on the left, with no success. On the right, the Well and Woldwyrd managed to get rid of two of my Storm Lances, ouch. Acosta got Swift Vengeance at least. Woldwardens and Sentry Stone in the middle created forests to mess up with my LoS.

Round 1 Turn 2

Round 2 Turn 1

I felt it was the right time to use Haley’s feat. After removing the middle flag it is not that easy to outscore the opponent in this scenario that fast, but Haley can do that for sure. I cast TK on Acosta and TK and TA on Mangler and feated on the most important pieces that were in my control zone. Mechanics loaded up Mangler with foc and Nemo sent him forward. With FOC to spare he killed Woldwarden. Storm Lance charged Woldwyrd and dealt some damage. Acosta charged the nasty flying root and missed his both attacks! That was sooo bad. I was hoping to remove this model as it can be really annoying. Reliant shot at Sentry Stone and I was hoping to redirect the AoE with Force Field, but that was the moment when I realized it works only on enemy deviating AoEs. Storm Lances charged in and killed Sentry Stone on the left and dealt some damage to Woldwarden. I felt pretty ok, apart from leaving Woldwyrd alive.

Round 2 Turn 1

Round 2 Turn 2

Leaving Woldwyrd alive is never a good idea πŸ˜› It’s even worse when you have an upkeep spell on your warcaster. Let me explain you why. First, the Well spit out Gallows Grove that teleported forward, closer to my warcaster. I guess you figured out by now what was going on πŸ˜› The Well also managed to kill Acosta and Storm Lance who failed to kill Woldwyrd. Wolwarden TKed my Stormblade away. Krueger, thanks to the summoned Gallows Grove, managed to TK Haley and turn her around. The rest was just a formality. Woldwyrd flew 7″ forward and double tapped Haley ;d That game lol, thanks Bartek for a lesson I should have learned long time ago haha

Round 2 Turn 2


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First, I would like to thank Krzysztof, Daniel RG and Endre for supporting me on buymeacoffee. It really means a lot to me! Thank you!

Ok, let’s get back to the game’s summary. I had an upkeep spell on Haley, that she never uses. It didn’t even work the way I wanted to πŸ˜€ and how often do you see Acosta missing his BOTH attacks against DEF 13? Well, it was fun nevertheless. We laughed a lot, Bartek a little bit longer than he should πŸ˜€

As for the list, well, it’s hard to say anything here. Later, I swapped Stormsmith and Reliant for a Defender. He would be a much better target for Temporal Acceleration in case I need to damage enemy models from afar in Round 1 or 2, depending on the situation on the table and on how far my enemy is. It’s always better to have such possibility.


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