Introduction / Tharn CID review – warlocks + warbeasts

Hello everyone !

It’s my first post here so I believe it would good idea to introduce myself. My name is Artur, I am playing Warmachine&Hordes since december 2010. For most of this time I was playing Circle Orboros, this year also having fun with Cryx. You can find me at some international events (like WTC) and in most of big polish tournaments.

Tharn CID

Part 1 – general thoughts

In mark3 I’ve spent about a year playing tharns, practically almost only them. I was using them almost exclusively with Morvahna2, with some minor tests with Una2, Grayle1, Krueger1 or Wurmwood1. After about year of playing it I’ve stopped playing it, mostly because of wolds improvement at the end of 2017, and additionally because of significant RFP presence in most of the lists at the time.

Since then, I was just hoping about any buffs for tharns – fortunately PP came with CID, my dream was alive. What I was looking for – mostly – was some buffs for damage output (this was biggest issue for this list), and any actions making wolfriders, bloodpack more playable would be appreciated. That was my only expectations before.

Part 2 – warlocks

Iona1 – well, personally – I am a little bit disappointed. Not with the power level, which seems to be very nice, but with tendency to make warcasters/warlocks very linear/straight-forward. In orboros we had Kromac2, Una2, Kaya3, Iona – all of them quite boring but effective. This caster is nuts… extremely solid feat with both defensive and offensive buffs. Nice spelllist that supports usually not best tharns survivability. Some threat range extender. In general – this warlock improves everything you want if you play tharns. Personally, this dodge effect seems to be “too much”. And for very reasons – I would prefer PP to not add such skills to the game.

Morvahna1 – all what happened to her in CID is awesome ! great rework of spell list, the main mechanism for returning your models has been maintained and make easier to use. On top of that Mortality added. It is very sweet rework for the warlock, with keeping her unique style.

Morvahna2 – I am more than pleased with all of the changes there. Carnivore working better with army. Wider range of re-rolls. A bit rework for censure. All of those changes are just solid improvements.

Part 3 – Warbeasts

Well… as Orboros players I am just happy. Finally most of warbeast do have pathfinder.

Brennos – I love what they did with him. Should be quite useful for both morvahans.

Feral Warpwolf – nothing more to add. Just pathfinder

Satyrs – honestly I am absolutely not excited about them, I imagine them seeing some play. But after all, I don’t see at the moment some game breaking list using mostly living warbeasts – especially satyrs.

Ghetorix – I would say… he got more than I suspected. This rapid healing seems to be a bit too much. 14/19 warbeasts with extra d3 healing… well seems quite strong to me ? However other warpwolfs are solid choices as well. Ghetorix would still see some play.

Pureblood – very nice addition with +1RAT

Warpwolf Stalker – I am very surprised with buffing damage output here. Nice addition, but I am not sure for reasons behind.

Storm Raptor – I see PP really want this warbeast to sold out ;). Very solid shooting, extra infantry clearance with Energy Pulse. A bit of infantry hate with plasma nimbus, solid threat range, -5RNG for shooting, easier to be places on table due to fly rule and also by fly high allowing to move behind him. And OKish armor cracking. This gargantuan is just solid in overall. Without very big weaknesses. I am sure it will be played somewhere around. Not sure however if it would make really solid appearance in lists. Have some thoughts on that, but I will put them to general summary in future post.

Here I will finish this post, Units/Solos will be covered within next post, with addition of some wrap up and attempt to sum up whole CID.

Stay tuned ! πŸ˜‰

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