Kreoss 3 – starting an adventure with upkeeps

Hi guys – I recently fell in love with Kreoss 3 (after playing a single game with him) so I decided to start a series of building a list led by him.

Why did I fall in love with him? Initially, I picked him up because he has 4 upkeep spells and I really, really wanted to practice juggling upkeeps* and this remains something I really enjoy – it requires planning ahead at least 1 turn and carefully managing focus – both of which I currently suck at 🙂

So I am starting an adventure – I will try to run Kreoss3 (who is not the most popular caster we have) to some success while learning these two crucial lessons he brings with himself.

*Upkeep juggling – if you are unaware, you can upkeep a spell for 1 focus on one unit, then later in the same turn put it on another unit (in this case for 2 focus), to have 2 units benefit from a spell for only 3 focus.

So what does Kreoss3 bring to the table?

  • FOCUS 7 – after playing only focus 5 and 6 casters this is a really nice change of pace!
  • A ton of upkeeps, which we want to practice
  • Arm 18 on 18 boxes – pretty hard to kill
  • Blessed attacks on a pretty average P+S
  • Divine Inspiration – basically manifest destiny. Also Elite Cadre for Vengers (and, surprisingly, Gravus), which I will be testing for sure. It really turns them up to 11
  • Pow 12 impact attacks, which Ignite can bump up to POW 14 – with Divine Inspiration that’s some killer impacts
  • SPD 8 with Reposition 3” is pretty fast. He easily threats a 13” charge
  • A very average feat that is exactly what I want to learn from this caster. And built-in Purification!
  • A large base, which is his biggest flaw I think – can’t hide or fit anywhere
  • Enables Fire of Salvation to be an even bigger beast. This jack is a monster even without Kreoss

His spells:

  • (Upkeep 1) Arcane Ward – its a DEF +2 most of the time but I will need to remember the “no casting” part, which is crucial in some matchups. This bumps some Exemplar units to a respectable DEF 14, and some other units (like flamebringers) to a very good 16. I will be testing how to best utilize this, as this has very little “juggling applications”
  • (Upkeep 2) Assail – our only threat range extender – sadly only works for warjacks – but not restricted to his battlegroup – which means we can do some Sev0 Road to War shenanigans (sadly would have to run FoS under Sev0). Really wish it gave pathfinder but I guess it makes little difference with Fire of Salvation, which is probably an auto-include most of the time. Here I think the planning ahead will really come into play
  • (Upkeep 3) Ignite – +2 melee damage and crit fire is a very, very nice damage boost. A solid spell, juggling required to make the most out of it, but some units / jacks can really go crazy with a simple +2. Note to self: remember about the crit fire part
  • (Upkeep 4) Death Sentence – an offensive upkeep is something I have very little experience with but the potential really is there – this makes killing something very, very reliable. The only “anti-synergy” if you can call it that is that you want to use it against something with high DEF, and that is usually hard to hit with a spell – so most likely this will have to be boosted, which gets expensive while still being unreliable – divine inspiration sadly does not work for spells 🙁
  • Crevasse – pretty costly at 3 focus but it’s our RFP tool, that can easily clear some clumped up infantry and open nice charge lanes. POW 12 is very nice, especially bumping it up to 13 with Sev0, which I guess will be an auto-include whenever possible. In the one game I had with him so far had an opportunity to realistically RFP 5 models
  • Force Hammer – an RNG 10 slam + knockdown – this opens an avenue into assassination and cheeky scenario play. Very costly at 4 focus but can be key to winning some games

His Feat:

Kreoss3 basically casts purification (which he normally doesn’t have) and each of his 4 upkeeps – the key word here is “immediately”, so sadly we will have to position him very carefully to get the most out of it, as a single unit obviously can only have 1 upkeep active. This feat, while not particularly “strong”, is why we take Kreoss3, as this is just tailor-made for upkeep juggling.

I have some ideas on what units and jacks to bring with him but more on that in the next post in this series, as I am not at all set on how the list will look like yet.

Inspire me in the comments – what units work really well with Kreoss3 and how would you make him competitive?

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