Lady Karianna Rose

Without her, there would be no Grymkin in Cayen. My first solo in Dreamer’s DM army, Lady Rose:

Sorry for the quality of the picture, not sure why it was so difficult to take it. I chose to use Pandora model as Lady Karianna. I don’t like how gremlins look, so I’ve decided to use alternative model. Pandora works very nice IMO. After all, releasing Grymkin to the world was something like opening Pandora’s box.

It thought about including her in my list for quite some time. In Grymkin it’s very easy to get caught in something I call “the support trap”. You get so many support choices that your main army is a bit weak. Balancing the amount of support and main units is one of the most important things to consider when building a succesfull Warmachine army.

Karianna is a bit squishy solo that can make lives of my beasts a lot easier. Instead of attacking she can perform one of three actions:
Ancillary Attack makes one of friendly Warbeasts within 3″ perform one basic attack. Very usefull to clear jamming models.
Enrage cranks friendly Warbeast’s strenght by +2 for one turn. Clockatrice with P+S 16? Yes please. Skin and Moans with P+S 21? Sweet.
Shepherd’s Call removes up to 1 fury from each friendly beast within 3″. The least important IMO, cause when I go all in with my beasts, and make them forcet to the moon and back I’ll probably want one of them to have +2 Strenght or one aditional attack.

Apart from that, Grymkin beasts love Lady Karianna so much that if she get’s killed by enemy attack they want to avenge her, and get +1 to attack and damage rolls.

At this moment my list looks like this:

Grymkin Army – 4 / 75 points
[Theme] Dark Menagerie

[Dreamer 1] The Dreamer [+28]
– Gorehound [6]
Lady Karianna Rose [4]

Now it’s time for some beasts. It’s been almost impossible to buy Grymkin heavies in Poland for a few weeks, but I have managed to get my hands on some. I also finished some sculpting today. Stay tuned!

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