OlD WITCh3 vs Iona #Mirage scenario

Hi everyone,

This time I would like to share with you my last game Old Witch 3 vs Iona. I played localy with my friend Kamil who is playing Circle Orboros. I decided to play that game using a new model of the Grymkin army that is not yet available, the CLOCKATRICE! Of course I needed to proxy this model so I used Witchwood as a Clockatrice. In my opinion this model should make a lot of problems my oponent in that matchups. We were playing fast scenario, Mirage which might be problematic for Grymkin brick, especialy against Tharns. Lets start with Kamil list:

Iona the Unseen – WB: +28

  • Tharn Blood Shaman – PC: 4
  • Warpwolf Stalker – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
  • Ghetorix – PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)
    Tharn Wolf Rider Champion – PC: 0
    Lord of the Feast – PC: 0
    Tharn Ravager Shaman – PC: 4
    Gallows Grove – PC: 2
    Tharn Ravagers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 15
  • Tharn Ravager Chieftain – PC: 0
    Tharn Wolf Riders – Leader & 2 Grunts: 11
    Brighid & Caul – Brighid & Caul: 7
    Tharn Bloodtrackers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
  • Nuala the Huntress – PC: 4
    Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron – Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron: 5

My List:

Theme: Dark Menagerie
5 / 5 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Zevanna Agha, The Fate Keeper – WB: +27

  • Cage Rager – PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)
  • Skin & Moans – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 13)
  • Skin & Moans – PC: 15
  • Clockatrice – PC: 13
  • Clockatrice – PC: 13
  • Gorehound – PC: 6
  • Frightmare – PC: 9
  • Crabbit (Dark Menagerie) – PC: 0
    Death Knell – PC: 13
    Gremlin Swarm – PC: 0
    Gremlin Swarm – PC: 0
    Gremlin Swarm – PC: 0
    Gremlin Swarm – PC: 0
    Lady Karianna Rose – PC: 4


I lost roll for starting and go as a second, if I would win this roll I would prefere to start the game.  I deciede to take the side with building in the zone. Since my gorehounds have ghostly and I have Gremlin Swarms I knew it would help me a lot to not loose on the scenario. I take a healing objective and my friend took magical wepon. My oponent placed Ravagers on my right flank and Wolfriders on left, the rest of his army were more or less in the middle. So I decide to put my brick symetric, with frightmare on my left and  gorehound on my right , OW3 was more on the left  close to Deathknell. Than Kamil put his unit of Bloodtrackers on my left and I knew taht this will be his more ofensive flank.

Turn 1.

Kamil puted pray on one Skin & Moans , second pray from Caul and Brighid went to second S&M. He run almost with everything, cast a Sure Foot on Blodtrackers and Phantasm on Ravagers.

I couldnt run straight ahead because OW3 cannot be hide and I was afraid LOTF and his assasination potential. I hide Clocatrice behind the building and cast a Respawn on it. Than I blind some Blodtrackers, three or four of them,and cast a Windstorm plus use Vexing Alignment (+4’ to control range).  It was good idea because Kamil Bloodtrackers couldn do almost nothing. I exchange  Skins, the one with pray from B&C run on right side, the other one with pray from Bloodtrackers run on the left side.  It give me chance to run out of their threat ranges and complicate a bit his strategy. Rest of my army build a brick outside of the treath range from Ravagers and in range from five bloodtrackers.

Turn 2

Kamil attacks Clockatrice with Wolfriders and Wolfrider Champion and destroy one aspect which give me a chance to run out of second Wolfrider Champion attack. I placed close to objective and make a path for S&M.On right side couple Bloodtrackers charge Clockatrice and S&M Doing them almost nothing. Both of his beast hide just after building. Caul and Brhigid where protecting one of the flag, and the Gallows Grove stand on the flag to chatch points in next turn.

My turn.

On the left side, Skin kiled all Wolfriders and the Champion collecting some corps. Then Clokatrice walk and spray LOTF and Warpwolf Stalker paralyze them. On thesame side Gremlin Swarm block the flag. In the middle I hide Cage Rager in front of the building, outside from Getorix charge. On my right side S&M plus Firghtmare and Gorehound kill six Bloodtrackers cleaning the flag. Clokatrice get Boundless Charge and charge one of the Bloodtrackers ending movement in the zone to block it. Assualt spray with paralize hit Gethorix and one Ravager, unfortunatley I kill Ravager. So I decide to cast Time Lock  (-2SPD for models in 6” of Clocatrice).

I clear my zone and score there one point, second one I got on right flag.

End of turn 2, 2-0 for me.

Turn 3.

Kamil start with Vengence, hit Clocatrice but didnt turn off any aspect. Then Iona walk into zone and FEAT. Bloodtrackers charge Clocatrice and two of them take off one aspect. I places as far ass possible and one more Bloodtracker hit Clocatrice destroying second aspect, this was a bad idea because Clocatrice placed and blocked way for Ravagers to charge S&M. Finally Ravagers charged into Cage Rager and Clocatrice and one into Frightmare. They killed Clocatrice hit hard Cage and almost killed Frightmare. Kamil blocked my zone and clear his zone. On my left Clocatrice get Grivoius wounds from LOTF and Caul kild may Clocatrice, I couldnt respawn it because of Grivious wounds.

Kamil make 1 point and block me for scoring. 2-1 for me

My turn.

I heal Cage Rager all aspects from objective. I activate my Caster and Feat, heal Frightmare, put Boundless Charge on S&M on the left and Respawn on the same S&M. Then charged one ravager killed him and sprinted. Next I charged with Death Knell and place him in the middle to spread the Entropic Force aura. S&M on the right killed Ravagers, then Gorehound charge one more Ravager and Frightmare clear flag from last Bloodtrackers shooting twice, because of Lady Kariana Rose. I need to kill one more Bloodtracker to get the point from flag, so I use a Crabit to jump on her back and kiled her. Gremlin Swarm take point on my right flag. S&M on my left killed Caul & Brhigid and LOTF, Gremlin Swarm stand and block the flag Another Gremlin Swarm Block my Cage Rager from Warpwolf.

End of my turn I scored 2 points Kamil make 0. 4-1 for me.

Turn 4.

Kamil lost on left flank so he decide to block this zone as much as possible, he put Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron and try to kill Gremlin Swarm, he miss. His Shaman charge Gorehound but he didnt kill him, so my gorehound was still blocking his zone. Warpwolf couldnt reach Cage Rager so he try to kill Gremlin Swarm, miss twice, rest attack he used to Attack Death Knell but he left it on three boxes. Ghetorix charge  Crabbit in such way to have a melee range for Gorehound and Skin&Moans, he left Crabit on one box because he use Bite as first attack and use an Ax to hit Gorehound, but he miss so he need to buy one more attack to kiled him and rest atttack he spend to hit Skin & Moans. He killed him but I use Respawn to get him back. Kamil make 1 point in his zone and block my zone with Gallows Grove. 4-2 for me.

My turn.

I kill Gallows Grove by S&M in my zone. Activate caster give Divinator for my army and cast Boundless charge on S&M and Cage Rager. I heal Death Knel with Corps and give three to S&M and make space for Cage charge, I get freestrike from Warp Wolf but survive it after healing. I charge with S&M on Getorix and killedd him, he couldnt heal because of Death Knell. Then Cage charge on Warpwolf destroing him two aspects and left him on two boxes. Frightmare try to shoot him but she miss. I scored two points, one in the zone one on the flag. 6-2 for me.

Turn 5.

Kamil knew that he have no chance to win on scenario so he try to assasinate me. First Iona need to destroy Death Knell   to heal Warpwolf, she did it. The last thing Kamil need to do was to survive freestrike from Cage Rager and he failed.

In my next turn I kill him rest of the army including Caster and score three more points, two on the flag one in the zone.

In my opinion Clocatrice change whole the game. This beast will make a diference in matchups like thath. Now Grymkin can play in Tharns and Anamaga!



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