Ossrum vs Makeda2 – attack of stone statues

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to play with my dear friend Paweł Blados.
He took the following list with him :

Skorne Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Masters of War

[Makeda 2] Supreme Archdomina Makeda [+27]
Agonizer [6]
Basilisk Krea [7]
Cyclops Brute [8]
Cyclops Brute [8]
Extoller Soulward [3]
Hakaar the Destroyer [0(6)]
Legends of Halaak [8]
Praetorian Swordsmen (max) [13]
Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard [0(4)]
Praetorian Swordsmen (max) [13]
Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard [4]
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer [0(6)]
Supreme Guardian [16]
Supreme Guardian [16]

I chose my freshly painted, beautiful and shiny Ossrum list : 

Mercenary Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Irregulars

[Ossrum 1] General Ossrum [+28]
Ghordson Basher [9]
Ghordson Basher [9]
Ghordson Driller [10]
Ghordson Driller [10]
Grundback Blaster [6]
Grundback Blaster [6]
Grundback Blaster [6]
Grundback Blaster [6]
Anastasia di Bray [3]
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios [0(7)]
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist [0(4)]
Kell Bailoch [0(5)]
Ragman [0(4)]
Horgenhold Artillery Corps [6]
Horgenhold Artillery Corps [6]
Horgenhold Forge Guard (max) [16]
Kayazy Eliminators [5]
Kayazy Eliminators [5]

Scenario – Recon II

We both chose “Pathfinder objective”.
Paweł won the starting roll and he decided to go first.

Deployment :

Skorne :

Tyrant Commander started and gave Pathfinder to Makeda.
She came forward and cast Dash + Deflection.
Krea used her animus.
Rest of the army ran as far as possible.

Mercenaries :

Ossrum cast Fire for Effect on Artillery and Snipe on Kell.
Artillery shot at Legends of Halaak, but unfortunately missed.
AoE deviates towards Swordsmen and of course killed him.
Which means, I triggered Vengeance – great start.
My army ran forward and stayed in the safe place.
Only left Basher came closer, to provoke some charges.

After 1st round :

Skorne :

Left Swordsmen made their Vengeance moves.
They also said mini feat and charged Basher, leaving him on few boxes.
Supreme Guardians came to the zones.
One of them shot towards Kayazy Eliminator and killed her.
Legends of Halaak decided to ran/charge.
J’Deth slam one of my Dwarves into Eiryss.
It was enough for her to die.
Agonizer used his -2 STR aura and hid behind the left Supreme Guardian.
Extoller Soulward ran to the flag.

Mercenaries :

Left Basher and two Blasters annihilate few Swordsmen and Legends of Halaak.
Ossrum said FEAT and cast Bullet Dodger on Kayazy Eliminator.
Left Driller charged at Supreme Guardian, dealing some serious dmg to him.
On the right flank, Driller and Basher came outside of enemy threat ranges.
Gorman threw Blind bomb at Hakaar, but he missed.
Kell and two Blasters killed as many models as possible.
Luckily, they managed to kill Hakaar.
Ragman came b2b with the flag.

1-0 for me

After 2nd round :

Skorne :

Makeda said FEAT.
She also cast Storm Rager on herself.
On the left flank, Skorne tried to destroy Driller contesting the flag.
Good for me, Jack survived on few boxes.
On the right flank, Supreme Guardian stayed outside of my charge ranges.
Swordsmen destroyed one Blaster and ran to contest my flag.

Mercenaries :

Anastasia entered the game from Ambush.
Artilleries finished left Supreme Guardian.
Ossrum came forward and cast Unstoppable Force.
Thanks to Bulldoze, Driller pushed enemy models outside of the left zone.
On the right flank, Basher and Blaster killed few remainings Swordsmen.
Driller stayed outside of Supreme Guardian charge range.
Ragman stayed b2b with the flag.

3-0 for me

After 3rd round :

Skorne :

Makeda finished left Driller.
Extoller Soulward stayed b2b with the flag to score a point.
Supreme Guardian took care of right Basher.
One of Swordsmen ran to contest my flag.
Cyclops tried to destroy my objective, but without success.

Mercenaries :

Anastasia ran to contest left flag.
Artilleries and Forge Guard killed two wounded Cyclops.
Blasters shot Agonizer.
I scored a point in the left zone and on my flag.

5-1 for me

After 4th round :

After this round, we realized that Paweł has no chance to win this game anymore.
So, we shook hands and finished the game.

Afterthoughts :

My list worked exactly as I wanted.
I lost Eiryss too fast.
But on the other hand, I managed to provoke Legends of Halaak to charge my models.
It made it easier to get rid of this unit.
The only thing I’m thinking about now, is how to fit two small Forge Guard units instead of one maximum.
It would be a great change.

Thanks for reading!

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