Qc Vivisects A Gator God – B2 (2) vs Haley3 (almost FPA)

My friend take a Cygnar for test drive – it was his first game with pretty standard H3 list (without Alexia becasue I have not her painted). I was playing Barnabus 2 with same list as in previous report.

I’m second (opponent wins a roll) and choose side with a rectangular zone that is easier to defend from contesting. Dahlia is opposing TLG – I hope that Mist Walker will save Skaryth till he reaches melee. Empty base is Boil Master, Gunner is third Boneswarm.

Cygnar & Minions Turn 1:
Both armies advance and put each other upkeeps in play. I put left Bone Swarm far to upfront, beliving in def 17 to save me. I get only 1 corpse from each Cauldron. Snapjaw and WE cast Submerge.

Cygnar turn 2:
Army advances slowly, put one trencher to contest. TLG kill Boneswarm. Echoes spread the Flux range on the board.

Minions Turn 2:
Dahlia casts Mist Walker on Skaryth and hides behind building. Skaryth sprays Express troll to death. Barnabas and his unit advance with EoBN and Swarm. Eilish Bleeds trencher to death (Boneshaker didn’t kill him, I should activate Eilish first). Boneswarm with full cropses charges to contest the flag. WE casts Starcrossed and Gremlin Swarm scores flag.
Score 2-0 for B2

Cygnar turn 3:
TLG advnace a little and kill Bone Shakers. Commandos put insubstantial dmg into Skaryth (lack of tactician made Minifeat unusable, Hitch was needed on the other side) and Snapjaw. Trenchers combine their effort with Ragman and Buster to kill contesting Bone Swarm. Ironclad runs to score a point.
Score: 2-2

Minions turn 3:
Skaryth takes out 2 commandos. WE and Bone Grinders to clear commandos. Lesser casts Starcrossed. I probably should cast Submerge, but I stay on 1 fury. Cauldron gallows Ironclad 5 inches into me, and then Snapjaw kills it, but didn’t have fury to cast Submerge – I wanted it to be transfer target. Snapper eats commando officer. Barnabus casts Swarm and EoBN, charge to kill some trenchers, feats to kill them again (tough is only ignored by his 0,5 reach attack). Wrestler eats Buster and some Trenchers.
Score 4-2 for me.

Cygnar turn 4:
My opponent plans to take out Skaryth, but TLG ar one box short from killing him. He also foccuses feated Futer Haley on WE – but is out of Flux and in EoBN and Starcrossed. She hits both boosted 9s 😛 first is transferred out, second deal only 3 dmg. Then Past hits me but rolls badly and leave WE on 2 boxes. Finaly he takes out Wrestler with Buster, trenchers and Thron. Opponent doesn’t contest my flag this turn.
Score 5-3 for Barnabus

Minions turn 4:
I have one clear path to victory – take out Express team (Boneswarm does that) and clear central zone. Also Barnabus spawn Bone Shakers to contest the flag. Trenchers die easly, and it’s only Past Haley from taking victory home. I puppet master one couldron with another, eat some corpses from table and try to hit boosted 11. Misses, reroll also misses. Then Orin tries and also misses. Soul Slave have 14 to hit, so he misses, and blast goes out of Echo. In the end Gator God is going to town, charge Thorn and cast Blood Rain into Past Haley – hits and kills her. I have also Skaryth into her hopeing for crit consume from 4 dices to hit.
Score 8-3 for Minions

1. My opponent has his first game with Haley3 and she is hard to play. On the other hand he knew he could just ran into me and hope that I won’t cut through 15 def trenchers but he thought it would make game boring. But sure it would be more effective.
2. I am more and more convinced to drop Soul Slave, second Gremlin Swarm would be great addition to the list.
3. TLG could easly terrorise me if dog would be present in opponents list. Either way i don’t feel MU is great for Barnabus (Repudiate on H3 means Rebuke was dead spell again), but Gator God still didn’t fail me. Maybe he is a talisman of luck? 🙂
4. I’m thinking that puppet mastering Skaryth would be better than Cauldron – with 4 dices and reroll i would have a lot more % to kill Echo, becasue DMG roll wouldn’t be needed. Also if I hit, she would be paralysied which would make hitting her even in CC much easier for other models.


  1. Really interesting read but struggled understanding some of the abbreviations like the TLG

    1. I’m sorry for that, I’ve used them to much ; ). So:
      TLG stands for Trencher Long Gunners,
      BLOB for Barnabas Lord of Blood,
      EoBN for his signature spell Execration of Blackest Night,
      WE is Wrong Eye,
      Flux is Haley3 spell called Temporal Acceleration (Flux is old, cooler name)

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