Skin & Moans

I must admit, I began building Dark Menagerie with smallest models, which isn’t the most popular approach. Today I have finished the most iconic DM beast, the ultimate Grymkin shocktrooper. Beware, the infamous Skin & Moans!


In comparison to my earlier models this one is almost straight out of the box. The only change to oryginal model is the pumpkin head. You wondered why the tag Pumpkin Zone? Here’s your answer 🙂

Skin & Moans is very powerfull, hard hitting beast. Of course it’s also the Grymkin beast, so it can’t work as simple as most factions shock units. With, let’s say, Khador Juggernaut the only problem is delivering the warjack to melee. Then you simply roll for many POW 19 attacks, and probably remove the enemy from the board. Skin & Moans has a pottencial of hitting even harder than Juggernaut, and being more resilient than khadric jacks, but everything in Grymkin army comes with the price. It begins with mediocre P+S 16 and ARM 16. With every corpse token both stats go up a point. With maximum of 3 corpses it gets to respectable P+S 19, and with Death Knell’s aura the ARM goes up to 21. With DEF 13, which is way out of “auto-hittable” values Skin & Moans is one tough monster.

It also has a built-in healing mechanism, based on eating dead bodies. I guess there aren’t many vegetarians among Grymkin.

The beast’s animus is quite usefull. For one fury it gives the caster Pathfinder and Bushwhack. The later is usually not that important, but Pathfinder on current terrain sets is very, very important.

With Dreamer Skin & Moans can have a respectable 12 inches of threat range, ignoring terrain. 5 inches of movement, 3 inches for charge, 2 inches reach and 2 inches from apparition. The only problem is, there’s only one Mirage for whole army, so quite often I need it to either speed my Cage Ragers up so they keep up with the rest of the force, or for Clockatrices to get the perfect charging lines to cover most models with that spray template. But I digress, I’ll tell you more about those models in time.

For now, I have to finish my second heavy warbeast, so let’s just sum my current army up and I’m on my way to paint station. Cheers!

Grymkin Army – 4/75 points
[Theme] Dark Menagerie

[Dreamer 1] The Dreamer [+28]
– Crabbit [0]
– Gorehound [6]
– Skin & Moans [15]
Lady Karianna Rose [4]

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